Thursday, June 2, 2011

Okay, This Will Be Me Last Post Here...I Mean It This Time

Doesn't this look a little creepy to you? I'm talking ice-cream-man-that-likes-to-tousle-children's-hair-with-a-creepy-smile kind of creepy.

By the way, I think to the side it says either hola(Oh-la) or hola(HOLLA!!!). Still...creepy.

I'm the Complaint Department Manager and THIS is some creepy shit.


Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Now THAT'S a classless piece of excrement! LOL

@gregcoleman said...

too much siren and noise outside the building where people trying to concentrate or do work. Sometime unnessary noise done purposely

Mighty Reviews said...

That is a little freaky and weird. Read this great article on
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Bushwacker said...

what a creepy works, but your children makes pond of your cars.

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toko baju muslim said...

that good very nice Beautiful pics! :-) i like

Johnson said...

I do agree with you in this regard.You are a complaint department manager and creepy shit.Interesting match.