Monday, February 15, 2010

New(?) Blogger on the Block!

SkyGirl is back from hiatus and not wasting time mincing words. Nobody loves a good shit disturbance like yours truly and if you're down with that, then you need to check out Reversing the Handbasket. If you read this post and don't check it out, then you don't just suck, you ARE suck(yes, there is a difference).

Kit Bond, you are an antiquated douchebag dejour.(I just felt like floating that out there.) That goes for your little bastard mini-me Aaron Schock as well.

P.S. Fuck you both

Love always,


I am the Complaint Department Manager and I approve the shilling of this new blog.


The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Thanks for the blog rec.

I want you to know you have forever cemented the term "parking lot douchebag" into my head. I had a whole new level of douchbaggery for you this weekend. I was making a trip to my local winter farmer's market, trying to be a good citizen. Normally I'd be a better citizen and walk, but this week with the snow and my bad knee I opted to drive the 2.5 blocks.

I get there and the parking lot is quite crowded. I think I see a space. I turn into it and see that the back end of one of hte farm's vans is sticking out into the front of the space. I thought, "That must be one big van." Nope. It was a normal sized van. It was just parking across two spaces! It was parking in two spaces front-to-back, rather than the usual side-to-side douchebag. I was thinking you would have a filed day with that one!

Sky Girl said...

And I thought Evan Bayh was the douchebag du jour. I stand corrected.

TRUTH 101 said...

I miss calling republicans and dinos mother fuckers and other appropriate things. I got alot more traffic. Now on the occasion I do, I get mother fucked. Glad you've taken the ball and run with it Sky Girl.