Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kanye West Declared "Douche For Life"

Seriously Kanye, you have got to be the biggest douchebag walking the earth. I've seen criminal defense attorneys with more honesty and sincerity than you.
Folks, this comes as a result of Kanye stopping one of his shows so he can vent about how everyone is out to make him look "stupider" than he actually is(seriously, he used the word "stupider").

He apologizes to Taylor Swift via Twitter(wow, that wreaks of sincerity there) in September then(I guess) does something that I can only imagine as a "takeback" while pissing and moaning on stage...FOR 10 FUCKING MINUTES!!! Only your fans would be dumb enough to sit(or stand) through another one of your bitch rants. This now makes for a new level of stupidity when you can be called a fan of Kanye.

Getting back to the "stupider" reference, this is an actual quote from our lord and douchebag Kanye, "Because of the popularity of me they exploited that to make you watch the interview," he said, "and make you feel that he was stupider than ever to think that a rapper's comments could be his lowest moment.".
You can't make this shit up people, mainly because given enough time, Kanye will do it. Can any of us agree that this dumb fuck's career is finally over? What self-respecting person would financially support this douchebag's music career?
IDEA: Next time you see someone making an absolute DAMN fool of themselves, tell them to stop being a Kanye. This is how we should remember this damn fool in the years to come, as a joke...and a "stupider" idiot.


I am the Complaint Department Manager and I never supported this douchebag(and never will).


The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

You are my hero you know!

The CDM said...

Disordered one, You know I aims to please. I'm no real hero, but I play one on TV, shhhhhhhhhh!

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Didn't even the President call this guy a douche (or a word very similar)?