Thursday, December 2, 2010

What A Conversation With An Idiot Tea Party Douche Will Get You

Pretty much an overwhelming urge to bang your head against the wall.

Has anyone ever got one of those emails that was sent to a lot of people you know and don't know? Ever seen someone unable to contain themselves and do a "reply to all"? Well, I'm one of those and I learned,(yet again) you can't talk to these people or in their terms, "You can't fix stupid". So, I'll try to be brief as I hate making long-ass posts.

The email I received was one that wound up coming to the conclusion that President Obama DID NOT inherit such a vast deficit as we are all led to believe and it was the Dems fault for the huge amount of debt since the year 2007.

Of course, I called, "BULLSHIT" on this and sent an appropriate link to information that would clear up their "fuzzy math" and convenient memory. I also included a quote from Mary Matlin(former advisor to Darth Cheney and wife of James Carville) who stated on Meet the Press, "Republicans spent like drunken sailors on shore leave".

This got the attention of the douche in question and elicited this response(in it's unedited entirety):

"I'll stick with the non-socialist, non - muslim and non - liberal Republicans myself. Can't support welfare for illegals, can't support gays in any form and can't support a man that has never served his country either America or Africa or wherever the hell he is from. Oh, by the way, most of the voters in the recent election may think like me."

At this point, I wanted this douche to get comfortable with his bigotry, so I only responded to parts of his rant. You'll see why later. So I responded with:

"Only thing is, the turnout for that election was down significantly, so your numbers will be a bit minuscule. So now your working with a fraction of a fraction. Chances are most of them will lose faith in the same people they just elected, so that fraction will undoubtedly get smaller. Despite the socialist amusement, who is this “muslim” you are talking about?

Oh, I suppose you don’t or didn’t support Palin(the traitor), Cheney or G.W.(the deserter) then?"

As predicted he became a little more out of his Klan shell and spewed out this nonsense:

"I forget that morons do still exist in this world. I guess we'll see in two more years about my numbers thing. Mean time those of us who served this country for what it really stands for will continue to fight for what is right while the liberal weenies out there continue to support idiots like the democrats that have controlled D.C. since when? Oh yeah since the second year of Ws first term. I guess you'll have to explain the traitor and deserter thing. Oh, the muslim Bam Bam in office right now. You know, the guy who can't prove he's a citizen of the U.S., has no experience and supports his muslim brothers and daddy!!!!!!!!! Bows to foreign leaders and apologizes for this country."

Now, I'm at the point where I realize for certain this dipshit is not rational. So, I decided to agitate further with this:

"You’re a birther? Interesting, very interesting. Sarah Palin IS a traitor as she spoke to the Alaskan Independence Party’s conference in ’08 telling them to “keep up the good work”. If there is a state that wants to succeed from this country, that makes them traitors and that goes for that mentally defective Rick Perry as well. Also, gw had went missing during Vietnam and still has yet to give a consistent story about it. I guess that makes him just as much of a coward as Cheney.

From what I remember, GOP had the House til ’06 and had BOTH from ’04-“06. So majority control over house AND presidency from 2000-2006. With that in mind there’s PLENTY of blame to go around. Especially since w’s last term in office, the republican majority “spent like drunk sailors on leave”(quote from Mary Matlin – former Cheney counselor). At least she admitted things were their fault…and she was actually there for it.

I just think it is absolutely hysterical that even before he officially took office, Obama was getting railroaded by bigots and haters. However, you seem to embrace your prejudice. I don’t exactly agree with your personal philosophy, at least you’re consistent. That’s more than I can say for those who deny their prejudices when it’s clear they’re just in denial."

Was I being an ass? Perhaps...fuck it, yes, I was. At this point he could no longer contain his inner bigot and tea party doucheness by giving the following display of brilliance: (After 2 sentences, he thought it would be a good idea to get his daddy involved in the equation by adding him to the reply.)

"I believe that each state has the right to tell the government to shove it up there *&^%. Your a waste of sperm and I'm done with you. -Break- Dad, I don't know how I got this idiot on any emails, but I'm done with him. You'll get more from mixing words with a fencepost. These are the kind of people that have brought this country down. The tea party folks may see that a revolution could very well take our country back from idiots like this."

This is what happens when you try to talk to one of these idiots. Lesson learned...again. Mama's don't let your babies grow up to be tea partiers(?). If that idiot does wind up reading this for some reason, just remember, you started it, I just finished it while you took your ball and went home.

I am the Complaint Department Manager and I obviously went on longer than I want to.


Jerry Critter said...

That's too funny, CDM. The truth only pisses them off more. Way to go! It's good entertainment. Too bad they can vote.

Anonymous said...

WOOOO! CDM is BACK!!!! :)

Sue said...

OMG, C you did great! That SOB teabaggin piece of shit is luckily just a minority of Americas sane population. But even a tiny minority is dangerous to our health, fuck 'em...

The CDM said...

Jerry - You know, it's things like this that get me in trouble, but it's hysterical when you know what the end result will finally be.

Kim - I'm starting to get more free time open. I just finished a team project that leaves me with only 1 more to get done by next week. I think I'll make it.

Sue - expect the original "script" coming to you soon.

Murr Brewster said...

Since there's no point arguing with a troll, I'm always tempted to just return the original mail (or comment) with all the grammatical and spelling errors marked up in red.

That doesn't go over that well either.

The CDM said...

Murr - I have done that in the past, but in my haste sometimes, I have performed some "faux pas" of sorts on some exchanges, so I had to stop. But, you're right, it does just as well.

These assholes have a right to their opinion(no matter how prejudiced it sounds) and I'm all for that, but they aren't entitled to their own facts. Thanks for stopping by.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Have you ever noticed, CDM, that when Mary Matalin babbles - her mouth, it doesn't move?...It leads me to think that if in fact this talking-head career of hers starts to go south, she'll at least have some ventriliqism to fall back on.

The CDM said...

Actually Will, I try not to look too close at her. I don't know what Carville actually saw in her. You shouldn't be looking at people associated with the Darth Lord too closely, you may be driven to madness.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Yeah, her support of Mr. Cheney is excruciatingly hard to take. Dick Cheney, of all frigging people.