Monday, December 13, 2010

BEHOLD! The True Face of Ignorance and Despair

To anyone who might consider themselves a Conservative, the following expose into the psyche of a tea party enthusiast, will give you great insight and reason as to WHY Liberals and Progressives feel the way they do about Conservatives.

To Liberals and Progressives, I ask that you not only look at this, but take this as an opportunity to make sure you or no one you know that feels and thinks as you do conducts themselves in a manner as I am about to show you. The last thing we need is THIS kind of behavior being linked to us.

For the sake of anonymity, I'm not going to use his real name or mine. My benevolence is amazing, isn't it? So, here's the kind of person that shows up in D.C. and town halls with misspelled signs, guns and misplaced anger.

This actual exchange is originating from a Progressive who simply wanted to exchange dialogue in a professional and respectful manner. The answer to that request is what will be listed below. Here's a few words from our brilliant mind, who I'll call..."Ferry" for now:

Well, I'm not really out to have a chat buddy so to speak. I'm firstly a non-liberal individual in the highest degree. I'm a twenty year retired Air Force sergeant that really takes offense to anyone that would slam, slur or anyway downgrade our fine men and women who serve this country that I love. A lot of folks who have never served tend to like to do that. Secondly, that SOB in the White House makes me want to puke. He is a disgrace to our country and to the office that some people gave him. Not me of course!! I'm a person who has read both the republican and democrat platforms. Although neither is perfect, I could in no way ever support the dems beliefs and philosophy's. As far as the media thing goes, I believe that it's a freedom of speech thing and that it shouldn't be touched. I have for the most part come to see that most of them are leaning or are way left, except FOX News. Many call them extreme right. I kind of like that in our present stage in this country. I guess you lost me with the product thing. If you mean false advertising, then if not having the brainpower to check something out before you buy it, that's your fault. If that's what you mean? Your buddy, (me) there has told me that I should be open minded. If what the dems support is being open minded, then I'll not be having anything to do with that. Here's what you get in me. I believe in God, Family and Country. I, like most tend to not be the best Christian in the world, but my values and morals stand pretty true to scripture. My family comes before anything in my life and I'm a flag waving, gun toten, Constitution believing individual. I wouldn't have spent twenty years of my life serving, if I didn't believe in it. I'm not open minded to homosexuals, lesbians, illegal aliens or any race that thinks that due to their color they should have precedence over me and mine. We all work, we all pay our taxes and we are all equal in the eyes of god. To murder, rape, steal and many more is against the law. I believe in an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth, bible thing ya know. I believe in capital punishment. If I could change the laws, a person would get one appeal and that's it. Science has come to a point that DNA can pretty well prove most things. (Me, again) tells me that I have a prejudice against MUSLIMS, I'd say that's right! In Korea, they used to tell us to keep a watch out for North Koreans or the bad guys. The problem with me was, how the hell do you tell the difference, they all look alike? That's kind of my opinions with the MUSLIMS. I'm of the opinion that if your belief is to kill me, then a duck is a duck, you can't change that. I'm proud for you that you've done well financially, and that you are self sustaining. I too am a believer in such things as solar and wind. I was just this weekend looking into a windmill system here for my home to help reduce the amount of electricity that I have to pay for. Mr. (Progressive), I'm not going to get into a long discussion with you over your beliefs and how you are going to straighten me out for (Me, thrice). I'm getting to an age that I really don't give a shit what you or anyone else thinks. Your buddy has proven to be one of those people that likes to tell everyone what he thinks is right and wrong. A know it all if you will. When he started attacking my dad, that was my cue to move in. I'll continue to be a fighting man for my country until I die. I swore to uphold and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. If your not for this country, then your against it. As I said, I'm a gun toten American and believe that if I must I will defend what I must. So, I guess in short, you boys keep your liberal bullshit to yourself don't send it my and we'll get along just fine. I'll keep fighting for what's right in this country.

About that "attack" I made. I asked him for clarity and this is the exchange that followed(Me first):

I would like to hear more of this "attack" I made. Other than just throwing an accusation out there irresponsibly, I would like to hear your proof. I'd like to see what qualifies as an "attack".

I'll tell you what, if you can produce that evidence, I'll apologize to him in person.

And Ferry's response to that request:

I tell you what, I'll do my best to delete you from my email and hope that our paths never cross again. Just take your liberal bullshit and shove it up you ass.

See the difference in approaches? Any questions?

Don't be a Ferry!!!

I am the Complaint Department Manager and I don't approve of Ferry's message.


JL said...

This is priceless. Sadly, it might just be what I have to hear at my family's holiday get-togethers this season.

I especially appreciate his statement that "we are all equal in the eyes of god" yet seems proud of his prejudices. He likes his scripture and his "bible thing" but can't capitalize "God?" Now, that's just tacky...

Sue said...

that old geezer is a typical conservative military man who uses his service as a way of convincing himself and others that he is special, much more special JUST because he served his country. But where is the honor and respect? These geezers HATE anyone who is not of their faith, party affiliation or military standing. He shows no respect at all for the office of the president...Liberal President I should add. Maybe he felt differently about Dubya...

Jerry Critter said...

I find it interesting that he says,

"I'm a twenty year retired Air Force sergeant that really takes offense to anyone that would slam, slur or anyway downgrade our fine men and women who serve this country that I love. A lot of folks who have never served tend to like to do that."

and then in the next sentence slams, slurs and downgrades the Commander In Chief of all military people.

After that, how can you take anything he says seriously?

Answer -- you can't.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I had a similar incident over at All that I did there was give a measured critique of Sarah Palin and, BOOM, they (Ms. Bruce's minions) were basically all over me......This guy, while I totally respect his military service, has evidently learned an incorrect lesson from it. It's really kind of sad, I think.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Talking to people like that is a waste of your precious time.

Let him live in his smug little ignorant world.

He sounds scared to me.

The CDM said...

JL - From the movie, "Shooter": "Your moral compass is so fucked up, I'd be amazed if you can find your way to the parking lot!" I love that bit.

Yes, his moral, ethical and for that matter, ANY compass he has is indeed "fucked up".

Sue - Something tells me he didn't do much in his military career. As stated by someone on your blog, he has nothing but his military service and bitter attitude to cling to now.

Jerry - His hypocrisy knows NO bounds and he's too stupid to see it even with me pointing it out to him ALL this time. Can't see the forest because there's all these damn trees in the way. And no, you can't take ANYTHING this guy says seriously.

Will - Yeah, that "swarming of the sharks" tends to happen with closed-minded individuals. All you have to do is go even slightly out of step with their views and you're done. Didn't you get banned for having a difference of opinion from those losers?

Sad indeed.

The CDM said...

Shaw - You don't know the HALF of it! Sue can tell ya, the guy went CYBER STALKER on me! When he ran out of insults, he searched me out on the internet and found out one of the places where I worked. Can you believe that shit?

Just goes to show you, these guys aren't stable mentally. You're also right, there's time there that I'll never get back. A waste of time indeed.