Monday, December 6, 2010

The Tea Bagger Douche Strikes Again!!!

Hey, remember way back when, say...4 days ago? Remember how that douchebag sent his final reply because he was "done" with me? Well, since that last exchange, I am proud to say I let it go...but he didn't. He didn't make a reply on top of his little temper tantrum, oh no. Instead, he has decided to include me in on his mass email list that sends out sourceless information and rants about our current President, Muslims and a combination of both.

It then occurred to me that when you get into an exchange with someone and you say you are "done talking with them", the least you could do is leave them alone seeing as how you can no longer make an intelligible retort on that or ANY similar subject. But not this dipshit, oh HELL no. I guess he thought(and I use that term VERY loosely) that he was going to edjookate(*snicker*) me Tea Party style.

He sent me about 4 emails(still have this drivel) and finally I had enough. Instead of going through each and every single email with a response, I decided to pick one and give a sort of unified reply. It went exactly like this(link provided was to address his "take back America" rant):

"So much for you being “done”. If you know how to read a newspaper, these guys were responsible for the temporary election results(not as if you care):

“grass roots” indeed. This tea party uses a silver set. You guys got played, I still can’t stop laughing at this one. The least you could do is embrace your prejudices, racial and religious intolerance.

By the way, those other emails you sent look like they were put together by a 10 year-old."

So, what more things did I learn about this idiot without a village? One, he clearly likes to call "time out" then pawn me off on his dad when he runs out of shit to throw at me, then take his ball and go home. Two, when anyone receives idiotic emails from stupid bastards like this, they are most likely ones without any sources to be found(let alone the fact they are riddled with bad grammar and tons of misspellings...that's bad coming from me). Nothing but baseless rambling. Three, these 'tards have no idea just how prejudiced, homophobic and not to mention racially and religiously intolerant they are. Seriously, they are THAT oblivious! Finally, four, even though they are quickly outwitted and exposed, NEVER underestimate the power of their belligerence, ignorance and hatred. They have absolutely no conscience, nor shame.

LISTEN UP TEA PARTY BASTARDS! If you are ANYTHING like the person I have had the misfortune of dealing with recently, the absolute LEAST you can do is just come out say you don't like anything that isn't the following: White, Christian and English speaking ONLY! Embrace your prejudices! At least this way, it will be the ONLY thing honest you will be able to contribute to the rather short conversation.

By the way, anyone who has my email address and would like to see the ramblings of an idiot, let me know, I will forward them to you.

I am the Complaint Department Manager and I'm tired of correcting these idiots.


Sue said...

eeeeegads, I know people like this, even relatives of mine! Have fun with him, get mean and nasty too!

Anonymous said...

Last summer I had a small spat with someone and he asked me to stop emailing him. The only time I had been emailing him was to reply to something he said to me. I decided to just ignore him and not reply to anything he said. He then sent me 4 more emails telling me to leave him alone. I hadn't contacted him at all - he was the one contacting me! He was obviously trying to start something. Too funny. People are so weird.

Beach Bum said...

Had someone send me a blistering email about a month ago that talked serious trash about my blog. It major league ticked me off and I hate to say it but I spent a couple of days trying to figure out who it was with me considering everyone from "friends" to a couple of people I had a pissing contest with on Facebook.

Turns out it was a old army buddy who saw a posting I placed on a army locator website.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I think it's important that the right have their own type of Sister Souljah moment; taking on some of these extremists and putting them in their place (more, in other words, of what Murkowski did with Palin - basically calling her an idiot, etc.)....Not that I'm going to be holding my breath or anything, mind you.