Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What REALLY Goes On In the Mind of A Tea Party "Christian"

Okay, by now, you have all been seeing (slowly) how a tea party "Christian" handles himself. Well, guess what? Got another email. So what was on the mind of our responsible, family values, tea party "Christian"? Take a look for yourself as this is what I got in its entirety:

EDIT: Keep in mind, where he begins, he's addressing what I told him as the definition of "Liberal" was "open-minded".

"Open minded, now there's a concept. Let's give every dick sucking, clit liking, illegal alien, black, white, yellow or green anything they want without working for it or paying into it. Not from the dollars that I've worked hard for. There is a limit to the dues owed to Caesar. I believe that being a conservative will outlive liberal thoughts and ideas from now on. I believe that working for something is proper, I believe that living in this country is something that must be earned. Which by the way, I was born here. The believe that my twenty years of service means something and others like me. I believe that if you don't like our country, that is oh by the way based on Christian values and beliefs go back to where you come from. Oh let's take care of every stray that wonders into our country, bull shit! Many have come to this country and earned their citizenship, not slithered across or under the border. That's a slap in the face to those who did it right. Many of those immigrants came to this country and have served honorable and died for the freedoms that we Christain based types believe in. I'll never call myself a perfect person, but the morals that I was raised with have served me well. So, as I give a final sign off keep this in mind you liberal son of bitch. We that believe this a great country founded on solid values that apparently many voters believe in. You keep your beliefs and may they serve you well, but my belief is that they will let you down. Enjoy paying for all those liberal programs, but as for me and mine we'll keep up the good fight. By the way, I didn't catch the number of years that you served this country. I believe that had you spent some time in uniform, you might see things from a different light. Eat shit and die you liberal bastard."

Now, forget about what "I" learned. What did any of you reading this learn? Do I really need to comment on this? I'll let you guys run with that. Knock yourselves out. This was probably the most honest moment this guy had in quite a while.

I am the Complaint Department Manager and I just made an honest man out of this "Christian".


Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

The Tea Party and the Christian Right appear to be merging. Can the neocons be far behind?

Jerry Critter said...

Love those fine Christian values that he espouses. Must make Jesus very happy. LOL!

JL said...

Did he really misspell the word "christian?" That speaks volumes.

I assume you've seen this:

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Love how he talks about Christian values and then makes fun of the concept of "taking in every stray". Yes, it's totally wrong to do exactly the kind of thing Jesus woud do.

What's really funny is how these folks go on and on and on about others receiving handouts. I just read a great book by a guy who went around the country interviewing and getting to Tea Partiers. Most of them are older and most of them are on at lesat one form of public assistance: Social Security, Medicare, disability, VA. Somehow they can justify their own "handouts".

Don't the get we ALL pay into the system and thus we are all entitled to the same benefits? If your hate mailer truly needs a handout, chances are he'll get it, because he paid for it.

The CDM said...

Will - I had suspected that for some time now. The hardcore ones are the ones to watch for, they just can't seem to keep their ethnocentristic mouths shut.

Jerry - Ain't that the fuckin' truth? I'll indulge in a radical viewpoint as he did: These people are good for only 2 things: Organ donation and human disection.

JL - Yes, he did, glad you caught that. That will be 6 Hail Marys for that bastard.

Disordered one - I'm glad you caught on to those things. It took me a bit at first because I was SO overwhelmed by the hypocrisy, ignorance, prejudice and radical religous rants to see that first time trhough. WAY too much nonsense to muddle through.

Is it possible to not be tolerant of intolerant people? Interesting.