Tuesday, October 9, 2007

So what does this mean?

Lately, I've been getting offers to join the AARP, life insurance for seniors and some other senior citizens group. What the hell??? I'm thirty-frickin'-six not sixty-three!!! I don't feel old, in fact, I feel the same as I did ten years ago. Hell, I still watch cartoons...of course, they're not the real kiddy type (Boondocks is my favorite). But the point is my physical and chronological clock are running like a stop watch, not a grandfather clock. When I tell people how old I am, they are usually surprised and that makes me feel great. I bought wine and beer a few months back (not a big drinker here) and didn't get carded and that made me feel not so great. I'm not that concerned at this point, but enough to be annoyed. I'll get more concerned when I wake up some morning and the first thing I do is fart dust.

Update: I just got a senior citizen discount on a hearing aid...must...remain...calm...
Update #2: The Senior Resource Center says that I have substantial death benefits...I can think of only one right now, and that is I would not get offers for senior citizens in the mail anymore! I hope when these people die, they smoke a terd in hell for giving me this kind of grief. I'm done updating.

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