Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What I Did on My Summer Vacation.

Yeah, I know, summer? I didn't get a summer vacation this year due to me going to summer school. So, this past weekend I went to Kansas City and went to Worlds of Fun Amusement park during their Halloween session. I did have a great time at the park, but I unfortunately stayed at their "village". So without any further or do, here come the complaints:

1. The reservation got messed up from the get go by the call center and charged my brother-in-law the price of his cottage as well as mine. We wanted to stay an additional day before even getting there so the call center rep made 4 reservations?!?! We got package deals, so he got slapped with 4 of them because the rep was to lazy or stupid to do the reservation right.

2. Check-in was a NIGHTMARE! It took us more than 30 minutes to get checked in. I lost track of how long it actually took and started giving up on hopes of even getting in the damn place. Allegedly, they fixed the problem and me and my brother-in-law got our cottages side by side and we moved in.

3. The beds they use in those cottages are HORRIBLE!!! After leaving there, I now need a vacation from this vacation. I don't believe that I'll be staying there next year as I liked the Halloween goings on at the park, just didn't like what happened to us at the village.

4.After it was all said and done, when we got to check-out, they STILL hadn't fixed the problem. They overcharged my brother-in-law and undercharged me. We had to go and eat lunch somewhere while they sorted out the mess and it actually took them that long to straighten it out. Mind you, the people that checked us out knew what they were doing, but everyone previous to this didn't have a clue.

I plan on notifying some higher up the chain about this ordeal and I'll even tell them about this post and see how concerned they are. I did have some high points this past weekend, I went to Harrah's and came out a few hundred ahead. By the way, their buffet is awesome! The park itself was enjoyable and worth the price of admission, the village however was an absolute disaster.

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