Tuesday, October 2, 2007

How Much Would You Pay To Be an Idiot?

How many times have you bought something, only to have it go on sale within a week? Apparently, Apple violated "price discrimination laws" when they chopped the price of the IPhone $200 inside 2 months of the debut. Part of the reason is that Apple wanted to stop making the 4GB model and start making the 8GB model. The way I see it, if you wanted it so badly that you were willing to stand in line for hours/days or whatever, you're buying the privilege to be the first to own one. Were these people happy when they walked out the door with there new piece of crap, er...phone? Yes, there's proof everywhere when the news showed these geeks, literally geeking out and waiving it in front of the cameras and to other people who didn't have one. You bought the right to do that jerk-offs, enjoy! The big difference between you and a smart phone is that it may have Intel inside, you don't. I couldn't give 2 craps what it really has. What surprises me is that Apple caved in and gave a credit to these dorks, all who pissed and moaned got $100 credit for their efforts. One other question, $1 million damage? Did I miss something? Lets see, $200...$1,000,000 seems close enough, what's the other $999,800 for, buying a clue?


Jason said...

Yeah...I was amazed Apple did that too. Americans are so spoiled these days.

complain away said...

Apple also neglected to tell people that the iphone battery would die after about 30 charges, and that the replacement costs about $100. Given that I charge my device every night, I'd be more than a bit pissed to have to shell out $100 for a new battery after only a month. Still, I'm with you--you buy it first, you gotta deal with whatever bugs come up, suckers.

complain away said...

Not that I'm defending, but Apple has NEVER dropped their prices before because they don't have to. I might have been a little pissed too. Then again, I would not have been standing in line for days to get this thing so what do I know.