Friday, October 10, 2008

Ladies And Gentlemen, I Give You Sgt. Leo Lewis

Submitted to me by my good friend Fred Lewis, this is not a complaint, but rather a tribute to a 39 year career cop from St. Louis. Fred's uncle, Sgt. Leo Lewis after 39 years on the force is now retired. He won't be sitting at home though, instead he will pursue a passion for writing. He already has a self-published novel to his credit called, "The Cop and the Preacher." This came out in 1979 which is about a white cop, having been raised by a black preacher.

Sgt. Leo Lewis came to St. Louis by way of Texarkana, Arkansas. I know quite enough about T-town, trust me when I say that ESPECIALLY from back in 60's, it wasn't friendly at all to black citizens. He got tired of spending 2 years picking cotton in Texarkana and decided that he needed to find opportunity elsewhere and he did by joining the Army. After a brief stint there, he found his way to St. Louis and joined the police academy. He was part of the graduating class of 1969 and from there, stayed as one of the city of St. Louis' finest.

This is a man who came from a family of 11, yes 11! To come from such humble beginnings and to make his mark in life as a Sargent in the St. Louis Police Force, I call that a great American success story. THIS is what America is about, THIS is the REAL America. Too much we hear about people taking shortcuts to achieve their gains and they say they are a success. No, you just made money where as THIS MAN made an impact. Sgt. Leo Lewis, you've earned your retirement and you have the respect of this blogger. That book again is,"The Cop and the Preacher" by Leo Lewis, the premise alone promises some very insightful reading.


Anonymous said...

Neat! Nice post. And I'm going to look for that book!

California Girl said...

What a nice tribute. I'll check out that book.

You rock!

Anonymous said...

handsome fella!!!

looks like he could be one of the Isley Brothers.