Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Look, I'm just going to make this quick and simple. I don't care who you are or where you stand, please address the issue in the correct form. It's not "pro-abortion" it's "pro-abortion...RIGHTS" I don't think you'll find that many people out there lurking in the bushes waiting to victimize a pregnant woman, just because they're "pro-abortion". If you did, that's a sick mother-fucker.

This is just a pet peeve of mine, kind of like the pronunciation rant some time ago.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've had the same problem with that phrase.

Sky Girl said...

Absolutely. It's just an inflammatory, desperate phrase used whenever conservatives are afraid they are about to lose an election. Sound like anyone who debated tonight?

California Girl said...

The anti abortionists use the word to only inflame their masses. Its Pro-Choice, not pro-abortion and hearing people say I am pro-abortion really pisses me off. I wish, for all the world, that abortion wasn't necessary. But since it is, I want the opportunity to choose what I feel is right FOR ME, not for you, not for my neighbor and not for the poor woman who has been victimized, but for me. Thank you for posting this. Right On CDM!

Darius T. Williams said...

Relax...relate...release - lol! U need a hug? You know I'm here for you!

Anonymous said...

What the people who started the legalized abortion movement DON'T want you to know is that Margret Sanger started the pro abortion cause, and the mucho generating money machine Planned Parenthood, as a means of population control for "minorities" and the poor. Look the bitch up, do some research and read the statistics.

The fact is, VERY FEW abortions are performed as a means of terminating a pregancy after incest/rape. Yet, this is what the PRO-CHOICE movement claims is the main reason abortion exists for.

I am PRO-LIFE. I don't have a problem with people using the term PRO-ABORTION simply because if an individual believes the procedure should still be around for those who have been inconvenienced by a pregnancy, then the individual is PRO (in favor of) the procedure. I believe deep down inside everyone knows abortion is wrong. Doctors, lawyers, nurses, judges, women, men. THEY ALL KNOW ITS WRONG. Abortion clinics make a lot of money in this country, and millions of abortions have been performed since it was legalized. Thats a whole lot of dough for the misery of a woman, and the termination of a life. The term PRO-CHOICE is just two words strung together to make the facts seem less barbaric.

We were all born with the ability to choose anything that suits us: right, wrong or indifferent.
I fall into the demographic that abortions were legalized for...I had 4 children with a BLACK MAN. I chose to bring life into the world, it was not easy, yes we were impoverished for a little while, but my children are HERE and I never regretted a single minute of my CHOICE. The clinics dont tell a woman how she will feel after she has an abortion. Clinic counselors never tell her she will regret a decision made in a state of panic years later And any woman who says she never regretted having an abortion is a liar. Being in denial is a form of protecting the mind from what the individual feels it cannot handle.
While we can certainly agree to disagree, I am one woman you will NEVER see screaming about PRO-CHOICE when it concerns the life of an unborn human being.

Anonymous said...


I hate the idea of abortion, and I would always try to convince a person not to have one, but I'm still pro-choice. I am NOT pro-abortion. If a 14 year old sleeps with her boyfriend and gets pregnant I don't think it's right or safe to make the child go through the pregnancy. I mean she's just a child and both her health and the health of the baby would be in danger. That I know of, I don't know anyone who has had an abortion, but I can imagine what a horrible choice it is to make. I don't think that most people would take that decision lightly. I really don't think there is anyone around, aside from a very small percentage of people who would fall into the psychotic category, who would honestly be pro-abortion. Pro-choice is different. So yeah, I guess we'll probably have to disagree on this. ;-) That's ok, though...that's what makes the world go 'round.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim : )

I understand what you are saying...but my take is this...
If my daughter found herself pregnant, there is no way in hell I would march her down to an abortion clinic or consent to her having an abortion. Why? In my personal opinion, life is not a game in which every situation should present the player with a 'get out of jail free' card. What message would I be sending my daughter? "Oh, honey. Its ok. You made a MISTAKE. Everyone makes mistakes...but with this mistake, I am going to allow you, and myself, to take away the opportunity for another person to fulfill their destiny in this world. Every life has a purpose dear, but not this time around." Which would be an opportunity for her to learn what? Life is expendable? We have "options" to make life more convenient?
Sometimes people tend to dress things up to make it seem less serious, less profound, less detrimental than it actually is. I am not referring to you.
The ability to snuff out the life of another human being - a purpose unfulfilled - is not something that should be categorized as a "choice" by anyone.
We have too many options when a fourteen year old girl can get pregnant and terminate. Any child who should be forced to make that decision, or have someone make that decision for her, is a child that I would lay down my own life for.
Pro or Con?
I am an anti-abortionist.
And I feel really good about myself because of it.


Sky Girl said...


I am not pro-abortion. I have never had one, and have never had to face the circumstances of considering one. Because of that, I do not feel that I have the right to tell any woman what to do with her own body and health when I have not walked in her shoes.

I have had the opportunity to talk to some people who have had abortions and hear their reasons. I have to say, I don't believe any of these people were "pro-abortion." All weighed their decision heavily. All were glad they had an array of options to consider. None were people who made the choice because the pregnancy was simply "inconvenient." Some faced life-and-death health decisions.

Not all of us share the belief that life begins at conception. It a philosophical question. Understanding this may help you understand why not all of us see it as a black and white, right and wrong, issue the way you do.

Pro-abortion is an offensive term for those who would allow women to make their own decisions in privacy with their doctor.

Anonymous said...

sky girl

your point is understood.
however, the folks I know, whom I have spoken to at great lengths with regarding this issue...they are still in a great deal of emotional and psychological pain because of a decision they made or a decision that was made for them in a state of panic.

true, many people disagree on when life begins. I, personally (and quite a few scientists) believe life begins at conception, and while the term "pro-abortion" may be offensive to some folks, the organization planned parenthood is offensive to me - not just because they make money off the misery of girls and women, also because they were formed to rid this nation of "breeding" blacks and hispanics.

yeah, abortion is a private matter between a woman and her doctor. and I suppose when my tax dollars are being spent on providing women with medicaid funded abortions I shouldnt exercise my freedom of speech? everyone can choose to form their own opinion based upon facts, feelings, experience and values.

I believe I made mine abundantly clear.


Sky Girl said...

Agree to Disagree, Caspar. Peace to you.