Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why Do Men Cheat?

Newest celebrity gossip(as if I really give a shit): Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock. Are you kidding me??? NO WAY!!! I NEVER saw that one coming. Uh, yeah...right. If I only placed that bet, I would have won.

Real reason I bring this up? Sure enough, I see another "sex addiction" claim coming from this douchebag. I'm sick and tired of hearing "sex addiction" for the reason why this ass hat or that other insincere douchebag Tiger Woods as for why they cheated. Want to know the REAL reason? EGO. Don't like that short answer? Fine, I'll make it more marketable and sexy, "Ego Addiction". BOO-YAH!

From all the alleged sufferers of "sex addiction", including this poor guy who slept with 90 women in a month , nothing has made me believe that their problem was sex, but a more underlying problem with their ego. As anyone who has ever learned about psychology, there is a difference in ego and he unrestrained id. These fuckers(snicker) are full of themselves and nothing more. Not convinced?

Take the douchebag-du-jour Jesse G. James. (1) This guy is on his third marriage already and at least one of the other 2 wives was a porn star, not sure about the first. Nevertheless, he's been married twice before already: WARNING. (2) He's now(or should I say, "for now") married to Sandra Bullock. A woman who is HIGHLY successful and his success comes from what? Reality TV and being a well-known grease monkey. Constantly, his wife's success overshadows this guy and now he realizes he has to deal with that in some way. Deflated ego...check, free time...check, available skank willing to sleep with a married has-been...check. This is just one way that the ego of a man that has no business being married needed to be stroked, remember that, one way. The others should be more obvious.

Women cheat too, with the exception of a few cases, they cheat mainly for different reasons and it's WAY more personal. Any way you slice it, there is no "sex addiction" in any of this. These guys are at fault, PERIOD! Stop allowing these douchebags an easy way out by filling their heads with shit that lets them think that there's something else to blame and they have a "condition". It's bullshit! Someone talk me down, if you can.

I am the Complaint Department Manager and I don't approve the "sex addiction" message.


Sue said...

after hearing the jerks past with marriages and porn stars I'm shocked Sandra married him at all! The asshole needs a swift kick in the balls and a fist punch square in his face, what a scumbag!

It doesn't matter if a man is married to the most wonderful beautiful woman in the world, if his ego makes him cheat he will cheat.

TomCat said...

I think there are several reasons that contribute. There are subcultures (such as southern gentry) where men grew up believing that cheating is the norm. Some men never develop a sense of boundaries, and when they meet a person they would have fallen for, were they single, they fall anyway. Some are narcissistic and feel entitled in such a way that, in their minds, rules are for lesser beings. Some are so deficient in self esteem that sexual conquests is the only way in which they value themselves. And for some, it's just plain ego.

Sky Girl said...

One symptom of unmedicated bipolar disorder is hypersexuality. So there are some people who have indiscriminate sexual encounters while they are in a manic state.

There is such a thing as impulse control disorders, and I guess the argument here is that the impulse these guys cannot control is the impulse to have sex. I think this may exist, but is extremely (EXTREMELY) rare. I think it is much more likely that a lot of these celebrities have expensive prenups and they need a "condition" to help with the financial legalities of their dissolutions of marriage.

Oh, and ego. Don't forget ego. Whether is it broken, at TC points out with low self-esteem, or inflated, it's very much about the ego.

I hate it when people use addicition to get out of taking responsibility. That's not part of any 12-step program anyway.

TRUTH 101 said...

The guy in me asks why a celebrity, even a minor one like James, would have to settle for that skanky looking tattoo model. UGH. How does one stay in the "mood" looking at all that shit?

To each his/her own I guess. There are chicks that think Lyle Lovitt is attractive.

Jenn said...

They have changed the name of this type of sex addiction around these parts to "Tiger Woods Syndrome" Just saying is all. And I know someone with it.

Anonymous said...

All crap. Whoever is cheating is one reason first - no love.
Mostly ppl do not even sense that wonderful emotion. They jerk on some blond or brunette, watch some bullcrap on tv and then they think they DO getting in love.
Success in love is so much of sacrifice that one cannot even imagine to question it.
Morons who think they are "in love" are masturbate for a plain physical attraction then shortly began "think logically", evaluate and count on "u did it to me 2 times, bitch" and "ok, I'll do ..."
Man or woman in love will never even think to harm another party, bc it against that wonderful feeling. Besides love, I am wonder how do those fuck-ups been cured in "sexual rehabs". Do these "rehabs" had transsexuals or pocket pussies to offer to addicted, along with hand jobs over the psychiatric session, performed by hairy-nose "doctors"? Magazines, visual materials, "blow Dollies"?