Saturday, December 1, 2007

An Ethical Question

Finally I get a chance to catch up on the blog. Between having 3 tests and 3 papers to write, well it's been hellatious. Anyway, I was curious as to how some of you might think if posed this question. Do you think it's wrong to be AGAINST abortion rights yet FOR capital punishment? I had an interesting conversation with a class acquaintance over this issue and he had no problem of being AGAINST abortion rights and FOR capital punishment. I see it as a bit, well...fuctup. Yes, I believe that's the scientific term used. I myself feel that taking a stand like that could be compared to being kinda pregnant. Either you are or aren't, pick a side and stay on it. I can't help being irritated at the lack of commitment. Anybody wanna take a crack at this?



Yes, it's either/or... not both.

The argument for splitting the diff tho has been told to me like this:

an unborn fetus (not a baby if it ain't pokin it's head out) is assumed innocent(sans Damien)... while an adult sentenced to death is full of sin (come on in).

therefore, eye for an eye and all that OT stuff.

complain away said...

Equally perplexing for me are those who try to kill doctors who perform abortions. They claim to be right-to-life, and then they go ahead and commit murder.

The justification I've heard is kill-one-to-save-a-bunch-of-lives end-justifies-the-means. I personally have a hard time with that.

Sky Girl said...

I'm the opposite of your classmate. I am pro-choice and anti-death penalty. I'm not pro-abortion, however. I just don't think I have the right to be in anyone else's personal decision process. I also don't believe fetuses have rights.

DNA evidence has cleared so many death-row inmates, that you can't assume someone sentenced to death is guilty of anything.

Complaint Department Manager said...

I like your first choice of words better: "pro-choice." I don't think anybody is pro-abortion, that sounds so...human preventative maintenance. Sorry, couldn't help myself there. You have an interesting view point. I myself choose pro-choice and capital punishment (there are times where it is clearly called for).

Jason said...

I'm very anti-abortion and very anti-death penalty. I explained it on my blog but in a nutshell I can't see where you're in favor of life in one place and in favor of death in the other.

Caspar608 said...

I am very Pro-Life and extremely Pro-Death penalty when it concerns a bitch or bastard that rapes and sodomizes and tortures and forces a 2 year old to make pornos with a well endowed man until he or she dies type of gal. Dig me? I mean, I believe in life and pro-creation and I believe if people had more respect for life there would be fewer heinous acts of violence against humans.
Call me hypocritical and crazy if you must, but I would rather save an unborn child and kill with my own hands an adult who tortures another human being.