Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Said What About (Insert Name of Establishment Here)?

One thing I hate is when people mis quote me or reorganize a thought I shared at any given time. For instance, this year I got giftcards to places I like. But, I did manage to get a "what the hell" moment while being told how they chose those particular giftcards. I was told that I happened to mention (probably 2 years ago and only once) that I liked a particular restaurant and made quite a fuss about it...huh?? Why is it that I talk non stop about certain stores or restaurants and yet they filter out of that one particular positive comment of an establishment that didn't mean much and from so long ago? How does this happen?

Perhaps next year, I'll talk with Santa once(and only once) about the Bunny Ranch in Vegas and maybe I'll get a Ho to go with the HO HO HO.


Busplunge said...

You don't like about the Heritage?

Busplunge said...

I was laughing so hard at your post and was thinking the resturant was the Heritage Cafeteria that I gobbled up my comment, I meant to write:
"WHAT?!!? You don't like the Heritage?"

I took my mother there once, I was the youngest person in the place. She thinks it is my favorite resturant.

complain away said...

Hey, I hear you. Apparently once in my life (maybe when I was six?) I said that I liked Disney movies. Now, every year my sister gets me the latest Disney DVDs. No matter what I say, I get told, "but you said you like them" and then I get more.

Kill me.

Sky Girl said...

LOL. That was a great post.