Sunday, December 2, 2007

Manning Up...Or So They Wish.

Oh, how I can't stand the Manning brothers. Let me count the ways, one, two...FUMBLE!!! Seriously, even when they win they're annoying and equally boring to watch. I am so sick of the Manning's and the 5 year old nephew whines less they they do. I still can't believe that Peyton didn't choke on the way to the Lombardi trophy. Also, a 50 year old condom will give you more protection than the Giant's offensive line (I'd like to use a smaller font when stating "offensive line" just to show how impotent they are).
Ya know, if Cher was a man, she'd be Peyton Manning. He even sounds like a male Cher. Why all the Manning hate fest? Three reasons: (1)Because I can, (2) Because it's damn funny and (3) Because I'm not alone! (End Rant)

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