Saturday, December 29, 2007

My God, I'm Fat!!!

That was my initial reaction after I weighed myself yesterday morning. I'm not sure if the scale was already broke or if I broke it. Only thing left to weigh me on is the Richter scale. Blowing this out of proportion...possibly. Have I got a problem...definitely! It was only a little over a year ago that I weighed a trim 180 and in the best shape of my life. I look to find that I hit 212! This really sunk in when I tried wearing a suit I hadn't worn in a while and I damn near couldn't fit the pants, how embarrassing. I've decided not to mope about it and do something. This is not a New Year's resolution, just a goal. If I made it a resolution it would be doomed for failure. I start working out today and having spent my time yesterday compiling an ultimate motivating workout play list, I have the following:

Ultimate Workout List

1. “She Sells Sanctuary” – The Cult (great starter)
2. “Lay it Down” – Ratt
3. “Mr. Scary” - Dokken
4. “Cowboys From Hell “– Pantera
5. “Walk In the Shadows” - Queensryche
6. “Stone Cold Crazy” – Metallica
7. “Shout It Out” or “Do You Like It” – Kingdom Come
8. “Tear It Down” – Def Leppard
9. “The Real Me” – W.A.S.P. (Who cover)
10. “Get the Funk Out” – Extreme
11. “Surfing With the Alien” or “Summer Song” – Joe Satriani

I chose these because they had no lull periods, riffs I'm fond of and a great variety of artists. Don't knock the list 'til you've tried it.

Now for those who want to sit on their arse and not do anything, I have compiled a list of redneck/white trash bands from the 80's that didn't take off, enjoy!

1. “Somebody Shave Me” – Cinderfella
2. “Grease Sells, Who’s Fryin’ “- Megameth
3. “Janie’s Got a Gun…Again” – Aeroshirt
4. “Time For Me to Fry” – REO Powerwagon
5. “Holdin’ Back the Beers” – Simply Redneck
6. “Skoal’s Gone” – Pall & gOates
7. “Free-Ballin’ ” – Richard Petty & The Fartbreakers
8. “Pour Some 40 Weight On Me” – Def Heffer
9. “Drink Police” – Cheap Truck
10. “I’m All Out Of Bud” – Beer Supply


Mark said...

I have just run across this and, coincidentally, I am set to embark on a workout regime myself. WAY too many of my pants are WAY too tight. It's uncomfortable, embarrassing and, well, costly, because I have to buy new pants.

And to think, I used to be the "in shape" guy.

Keep everyone posted on your progress. The success of others is a dang good motivator.

Oh, and your playlist rocks! Perhaps with these tunes I can get off my can and get to sweating!

Complaint Department Manager said...

I shamefully and proudly admit, I'm an 80's metal freak. It was the best time for music, no question. This is coming from a musician too.

How's this for a progress report so far, to date I lost 6 pounds and still going!