Friday, August 8, 2008

Something To Use On A Parking Lot Retard

Every now and then, I have a little recurring post called something like "Fun With Parking Lot Retards." Lately, I haven't found any REAL clear violators, but evidently, Kim did. So for those who want a copy of something to put on their windshield, give this a try:

A bit silly, yes, but you know you want to use it. Go on, click the photo then push the print button.


Kim said...

I had a book of those once! And I USED THEM! That's great. :-)

Mama Dawg said...

I have those, too! I keep 'em in my glove compartment. I'm about half way through a pack right now.

Caspar608 said...

We definitely could use these in the hood. My bumper is shot to hell on the Cam Ray because of the savages in my area who will squeeze up on your ride with not the least bit of R-E-S-P-E-C-T. But, to tell you the truth, my bumper looks kind of cool with all the nicks and dings and a Rage Against the Machine bumper sticker in the midst of it all.
Nevertheless, I got to print me some of these!

Emiline said...

Heyyy, who are you? Do I know you?

srxgirl said...

I got mine...and I probably use at least two today.

Complaint Department Manager said...

Emiline, if you work where I think you do, then I may have seen you. Also, if you've seen the Stinger Missile around town, that's me. I also go to school at MSU.

Caspar608 said...

DO you have parties like Will Ferrel and them in Old School? Thats one of the other reasons I am going back to school. : )
I want to party for all the times I didn't part because I decided to have babies instead of going to college. I am going to fight for the right to party...and probably be held hostage by my own children who want warm meals, bedtime stories and someone to do their homework for them.
I can't wait.

Sandy said...

Wow! I remember my dad having a pad of these back in the 70's.
The way I see some of the dingdongs in Walmart parking lot here in Republic parking their cars, I could use a couple dozen of these in a matter of minutes.

California Girl said...

Oh man how I know people I could use this on. Inconsiderate a-holes. This is great - thanks!