Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Europe Gets Better Cars Than We Do and I'm Sick of It!

This rant has spawned from the last post. I am so sick of Europe getting the best selection of cars and we get stuck with the damn gas hogs. VW has just come out with a diesel hybrid Rabbit that gets almost 70 MPG! There are others like the Citroen C1 that gets close to 58 MPG and is the equivalent in size to the Yaris. Diesel does cost more here, but shit, I can make the stuff in my garage where as you can't do that with gasoline. Meanwhile our own government points their finger at us and says we are addicted to oil. When that bullshit statement came out, what did we have to choose from as far as fuel efficient vehicles? (I'm just sayin'...) This is the equivalent of locking a junkie in a room filled with smack, spoons, lighters and hypodermic needles and saying, "Now don't touch the smack, it's bad for ya." Stop pointing your finger at us you condescending assholes and point your finger at the people that line your damn pockets, the auto industry! While your at it, find a mirror, look straight ahead and you'll find their accomplice, you piece of shit!

Average MPG for Europe - last time I checked it was around 40, average for the U.S. - it hovers just slightly above 20. Am I the only one that really finds this shit annoying? Seems like every time I hear of a new diesel or highly efficient car coming on to the market, I here the added, "This will be available in the European Market only" tag line that really frosts my nuts. I just keep hearing that Elmer Fudd parody song, "Kill da Wabbit". I want the TDI's back on the market because ebay is full of choades that are keeping the prices too high on those damn things. Added bonus, Honda is doing the same thing with diesels, now what do you think the odds are that they won't see the light of day over here?

(Ends rant and steps from soap box...for now)


burck said...

You're right. But your rant will do no good. Whenever you make a statement about some anonymous organization preventing the best inventions from getting to the US, The powers that be roll thier eyes and whisper (loudly) conspiracy therist. The intent being to take scrutiny off of them and onto you. Impling that you are some kind of wacko. One such player just netted 38 billion profit last year. My suggestion? "follow the money" Who's got it? How did they get it? And What will they do to keep it? That last part is the one you have to worry about.
Just remember " Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean someone ISN'T out to get you".

Whiner Girl said...

Amen!!! I just went car browsing last weekend and was disgusted at the selection out there. I already have a gas guzzler, yet the sales folk kept trying to put me into another one. Grrr ... frustrated, I'm keeping what I've got until there's something available that I actually want. Sigh ...