Thursday, September 4, 2008

People Who Don't Vote...Shut Your Pie Hole!!!

Why is it that the biggest pissers and moaners are the ones who DON'T vote? I remembered a conversation with Fat Jack operative #1, Skinny Kitty, whose mother a few weeks ago brought up a great complaint of hers: NON-VOTERS. I couldn't agree more with her thoughts, which were just repeated in my opening question. I also can relate to this question in a special way.

A vast number of years ago, I happened to be working at a factory that during lunch time, a conversation about politics came up. This guy(who was actually a friendly acquaintance of mine at the time) was pissing and moaning about how the president was a big douchebag, yada ,yada and ranted on about other things including other officials. Well, I asked him who he voted for and he said, "Nobody, they're just a bunch of crooks and liars and it wouldn't make a difference anyway(insert conspiracy theory here), etc..." I then told him that if he didn't vote then he shouldn't bitch because he didn't make a choice and enforce it with a vote for someone...anyone. He then told me he had every right to bitch because he was a tax payer and that gives him the right to do so. I called him an idiot and he no longer became a friendly acquaintance of mine.

People, just because you're a tax payer doesn't mean you get a pass when an issue like this comes up. Voting is aVOLUNTEER effort that allows you to voice your opinion and be heard. Paying your taxes(for the most part) is MANDATORY, trust me, those same pissers and moaners, if they had their way, wouldn't pay their taxes and would probably STILL piss and moan.

Doesn't matter which party you are affiliated with or not, JUST VOTE! The more you protest the whole "voting is a sham" thing, the more you look like an idiot like that dumbass I just told you about. Make up your mind, vote your interest, but more importantly, VOTE! With all of these conventions coming to a close, the day is drawing nearer in November when your voice needs to be heard and again it's volunteer. No one is going to force you into a booth and ask you to make a decision. Most importantly, before you vote, KNOW HOW AND KNOW WHERE. Don't roll up in there asking for directions on how to do this thing, they can't help you make your decision and they shouldn't. Take an interest and the initiative! If I were one of those volunteers who help organize the voting process, so help me, I would kick someone in the ding-ding for asking me to help them vote.

***As a side note, I couldn't help but watch Fox News after speeches that were made recently and who was their go-to guy? Karl Rove, who had plenty of fair and balanced things to say about both party's speeches(if my eyes rolled any higher up into my head, I'd be able to see how small my brain really is). Karl Rove commenting on a certain party's speeches was like watching a multiply convicted pedophile, commenting on Chris Hansen of Dateline NBC, and calling him a cock blocker. Fair and balanced indeed.


California Girl said...

WooHoo!!!!!!!!!! Right On! You so totally rock. I couldn't agree with you more!

VOTE VOTE VOTE and don't blame me if you didn't vote and didn't get what you want.

GREAT post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello from Minnesota! First, I completley agree with the voting thing. I believe it's my duty to vote as an American citizen and to be semi-informed of whos running for these very important, decision-making positions in our country.. End of story.

Second, Im having issues with the whole paying taxes thing. You use the word "mandatory", and to be fair to you, it's not necessairly the wrong word to use, however, "forced" may be more accurate.. maybe they are the same thing? It's ironic that I read your post today(and often do) cause Ive been having the conversation all day with friends about paying taxes (and I know your post is actually on voting.. just bear with me here).. particularly on Income Tax and how UNconstitutional it is.
It's frustrating and wont use up all your space on this topic.. but let's talk about it. I also recognize that you inserted (for the most part) before Mandatory.. so im guessing we are on the same page?
I really enjoy reading your posts.. thanks! ~Paula

Complaint Department Manager said...

Cali Girl - Thanks as always, you're my #1 fan...come to think of it, you're my ONLY fan.

Paula - First, welcome to the Dept. Now, without turning this into an initiative on taxes I can say this, I believe in a tax and spend government over a borrow and spend government ANY day, look at the mess we're in now. The way I see it, it's either pay taxes or let China be our landlord(I have more to add, but believe it or not, I hate typing).

Chatterness said...

OH HELL YEA, CDM!!! I'm sick of those who are witholding their vote for the lame reason, "I don't like either party." Blah, blah, blah.......VOTE...VOTE...VOTE

Sky Girl said...

I have always bitched about people who gripe but don't vote. I also hate it when people don't educate themselves on the issues and vote for a candidate for a stupid reason. I once had a coworker who voted for George Bush because she didn't like how Al Gore looked. Get real.

Anonymous said...

How about this: I know a person who has lived in this country for her entire life, but she is NOT an American citizen! She can't vote. She doesn't want to vote, she doesn't want to become a citizen, but boy, can she bitch about politics!

Jack said...

What is it we celebrate about America? That thing that makes us different and better? Oh yeah, democracy. The cornerstone of which are free elections.

Flag-waving, chest-thumping, and chanting 9/11 do not make one patriotic, regardless how big the flag is, how hard the chest is thumped or how loud the idiot.

Participating in democracy and the voting process is the most significant way that a person can celebrate democracy and be patriotic. That is exactly what I plan on teaching my future children.

Not voting is apathy and careless shoulder shrug of what makes America great.

Who says that? I say that. My name is Fat Jack and I freaking approve of this bad-ass message!

Now I'm off on my new motorcycle to a HOG rally.

Busplunge said...

When you walk into your polling location on November 4, 2008 and look at your ballot, way down at the bottom of the ballot, third up from the bottom, is the choice for Greene County Circuit Clerk.

That race is as important to me as the ones at the top of the ballot.

Please be an informed voter.

I will appreciate your vote and support.

I am Jim Lee and I approve this message.

dr sardonicus said...

Friends don't let friends watch FOX News.

Anonymous said...

do you remember when that buffoon puff daddy did that vote or die/rock the vote then his ignant azz was discovered to not ever have casted a damn vote in his life ?? that was some funny ish....

Jason said...

My grandfather always said to me "if you don't vote then you give up your right to complain." OK, he didn't say complain...he said bitch. But the sentiment is still the same. :)

Anonymous said...

“If you don’t vote- don’t complain”- what BS!
It is my right and responsibility to vote for the man I know will be the best for this country, and when I see no one to fill that job, it is my right to NOT vote for them- and complain about the man who got the job!
Think and use your brain here and quit letting others repetitive phrases lead you. If it were the Devil and his demons running, I should vote for at least one of them and then not complain? I should think I would not vote for any of them and then complain that YOU did!
So I should vote for the one candidate the Media hasn’t chosen to give all the coverage to and has hidden my candidate from there news- is it that they are leading you in your direction to vote? Ron Paul was my only choice and since the media shuffled him out of the picture because of their lack of responsibility to report the Real news, he dropped out. I will not take second best or say “aw well- I’ll vote for XX so I can’t complain”- BS.
If you voted for Obama- guess what- if you do what you say- Don’t Complain when he screws things up!!

Complaint Department Manager said...

First, you show up as annon and thus are a coward. Second, it's knee jerk fuckers like you that make this post possible and now valid. Third, I'm talking about the world of politics not "demons" or other mythical apparitions you troglidite. Primates like you amuse people like me, deal.

Anonymous said...

To;Complaint Department Manager.
You really don't get it do you? That's obvious from your intelligent answer- if one could call that an answer. How about proving me wrong with a more thoughtful answer instead of squandering gibberish. It's like talking to a kid having a temper tantrum. And you are a "manager"?
This is a grown up forum- go get your blanky and have a nap, then get a hold of yourself and dispute my post with facts not useless rhetoric. Because I don't agree with you- I'm a knee jerk? So the America you know has no right to freedom of thinking or of speech- unless it agrees with you? That's called communism and Hitler also loved to shoot people who thought different than him- which are you?
Why would I not be anonymous? I want some nut like you contacting me?

Complaint Department Manager said...

It's obvious that you are alone in your assesment. You amuse me. Your comment on how the media doesn't report what you like tells me alot, such as your own liking to communism. Afterall, you don't like it or agree with it, they should do what you want. Now who's playing Hitler?

As far as wanting to contact you, I think not, you're not worth it. It just looks cowardly posting annonymously. Plus, I get a nut like you that knows where I am, in the blogosphere. I also believe that you are one that doesn't get it, but that's okay. Did I mention that you are alone? This is most amusing, can't wait to hear you response, I know it's coming. I love you calling me names and saying that this is a grown up forum in the same virtual breath, keep it coming.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least your talking a little better.
educate yourself.
Asking the media to report all stories instead of being bias is not being a Hitler, but being a free society where all options and information is given. That is the media's job, and I only expect them to do their job, not censor what THEY don't like. That isn't fair to the public and the Americans they are suppose to be in support of.
I've been voting for 36 years, and I have never seen such one sided reporting and coverage that I have seen in the last 8 years. Many of the candidates had very good interviews, but not one made the news other than what you could watch on youtube. That's not media reporting- that's communist style censorship. See what I'm talking about?