Friday, September 26, 2008

That Ain't Right!

Anybody got anything they need to get off their chest? It's open season on this open thread. I had a VERY active week with around 600 miles of commuting for a job in a 2 day stint. On the flip side, I'll be doing some work today for Habitat For Humanity. These people can always use good help.

EDIT: Those who want to volunteer here locally in the Springfield, Mo. area can contact:
Nancy Williams(she's also a geology instructor)
2410 S. Scenic Ave.
Springfield, MO 65807
or call

Good work was done today, this place has some bargains at their ReStore, check it out.



OK.. since you commented on my posting about my coworker.. and youre asking for ppl to get their shit off their chest... where should I start? Since the episode with my coworker, we ONLY speak to eachother when we have to.. otherwise we ignore all day. I have resorted to reading books now at work (which is perfectly legal here) instead of blogging. Coworker approached me today and told me that she thought I have been rude to her.. which I dont think I have.

So, now she wants to go to mediation with some other outlet outside of work.. UGH! Maybe this is what we need though.

We have to sit elbow to elbow everyday.. (no bs).. and hate each other basically. It's very hard and stressful.. and everyone around us can feel it and knows the tension between us exists. At least we can agree on one thing.. we are both at the end of our rope with this and it's time to do something about it.

Now, where is the nearest bar? Does drinking lots of beer make things better? lol... have a great weekend! Thanks for letting me vent! More drama to come...... ~PL


PS.. coworker can have ticket #1 on your sign (in todays post).. I'll take #2! nice sign!

Anonymous said...

I've shopped at the Restore...they have some pretty good stuff! And, yeah, it's a great organization.

Complaint Department Manager said...

Paula, (on the beer thing) maybe, but you and your liver may not be on speaking terms much longer, I should know.

Kim, it's a great place and they worked my ass off.

Chatterness said... biggest gripe this week is how annoyed I am at hearing this statement several times a day:

"I'm not voting this year. Both candidates suck."