Monday, November 24, 2008

Bad Roll Model

I made a post about this last year and now I'm doing it again because I still find it nauseating. Lambert's Cafe will be selling their "throwed rolls" for $4.99($5.38 with tax) a dozen. For once, the price is not different or if anything, has gone up. Year after year I witnessed the price of those damn things creep up. They realized they had a good thing going so in the spirit of free market capitalism, they capitalized on the laziness of those with the discretionary income who more than likely just wanted the pleasure of dropping that nugget of info to anyone who will listen to them. This year I give them YET another resounding "BOOOOOO" for perpetrating this shameless act of profiteering in the midst of a slowing economy. If there are any of you out there that know of someone who might be buying these damn things, do me a solid and talk them out of it. I think these jokers need to be taught a lesson, seriously! I want to piss on their roll pans this year for being ass hats.


I didn't throw my food, honest! said...

Who wants one?

When my brothers and I were younger we ran the risk of getting in big trouble if we threw food (think of the poor children starving in China).

I am proud that I have never eaten or even, to the best of my recollection, stepped foot into Lambert's.

I know they got started over in the Cape side of the state, but I never ate there either!

Darius T. Williams said...

Hialrious - lol.

But, ya know - I'm not really feeling Lambert's all that much anymore. The potatoes were killer - but that's about it.

I'll pass on the throwing of the rolls - lol.

Emily said...

I fully support Lambert's. It's a wonderful, wonderful place.

Haha, I get my rolls for free.

Anonymous said...

if anyone threw food at me I would have to jump behind the counter and punch them in the kisser. WORD UP.

I think I love you CDM : )

you are so damn funny.

Anonymous said...

I saw this place on the food network. Thought it looked...odd. I think I might be put off if my food were thrown at me! :-o

Complaint Department Manager said...

To the "annon" one - Annon my ass, I know who you are, fucker! By the way, nice one, it made me laugh.

Darius - Yeah, I know ya got disenchanted recently. Don't completely write them off, there are other locations.(hint)

Emily - I figured you'd say that. It ain't about the entire operation, just the situation concerning the rolls. I think they need to get real right about now and cut the locals a break. Since you volunteered that little nugget of info on your deal you get, I may attempt to compromise you at some point.

Caspar - Just the rolls girfriend, just the rolls, it's all good. Hugs back wit ya.

Kim - oddly enough it is a decent place to eat(Ozark location), but like I said earlier, it's the damn roll thing. My suggestion, go back to <$3 per dozen tax included, they still will come out WAY ahead.

Sandy said...

This is something I have never understood about Lamberts either. Their rolls are pretty good but if the rest of their food isn't up to par, I'm not going to go eat there just for the rolls.
I won't buy their rolls either. They're never as good at home as they are at the restaurant.
I can't believe they raised their prices anyway.....I've not noticed any huge price increases on flour and salt lately. Some companies just take advantage of the economic situation to up prices on things, even if they don't cost them anymore to produce. Asses!

Darin said...

In Branson you can get arrested for making posts like these!

Thanks :)

tom said...

I'd sooner eat a "throwed roll" then shop at a place that uses eminent domain to conquer land for there "super centers"