Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Help the Ozarks Food Harvest And Get A Free McCafe Coffee At McD's!


You heard right from November 1-23 you can get a free McCafe coffee at McDonalds by just donating canned goods to help the Ozarks Food Bank, it's just that simple. Straight from Denise Gibson at the Ozarks Food Bank:
“For any consumer that comes through the drive-in or steps into a McDonalds and brings a non-perishable food item, a canned good or a couple of canned goods, they will give that customer a free McCafe coffee.”

Don't like coffee or McD's coffee? Settle, there's an option for hot chocolate. Hmmmm, hot chocolate ay? Can I get an order of Kerry Washington to go?

EDIT:I have been told that this is NATIONWIDE! This is what you call, "Win, Win". Spend a buck or less and get one of these(picture).

I'm the Complaints Department Manager and I approve this message.(including the pathetic plea at the end)


JennyLu said...

love the sparkles over your logo

It's Me said...

I sure hope you're right! I'm gonna show up with spinach and hope I can get a free cup of coffee! :-)

Complaint Department Manager said...

jennylu - Great minds think alike and I would dare say share excellent taste in the bling-BLANG!

Hey me - I was told that this is nationwide, get your drink and caffine on, tweak away.

Caspar608 said...

Just hear those sleigh bells ringling ching ching chingling chiiiinnngggg......

Anonymous said...

Off topic but this post is close,

I'm an old fart in a retraining program. I'm graduating in Dec. I'm looking to relocate. HVAS/R is my new career.

Wondered how strong you feel your economy is ?


Anonymous said...

Edit: HVAS/R to HVAC/R.


Complaint Department Manager said...

This isn't a good time for HVAC in this area. Right now, construction is at a stand still. However, the only thing that may be a possiblity is existing homeowners maintaining their systems. Only thing is, there's a lot of sources for that now due to the slow housing industry. If it were me, I would check around some of the current heating and air places to see if they need help or not, subcontracting is the usual option around my parts.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the reply CDM,

I'm looking more for a in-house job AKA on-staff. Factories or building/property management for example.

Would it be fair to call Ozark a suburb of Springfield ? It's a bit hard to tell from the online maps.


Complaint Department Manager said...

Ozark, no...Republic, yes. Ozark is in Christian County. Some say that there is claim there, but I sure don't see it.

Best of luck in your occupational endeavors.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for replies CDM.

My community college placement office has an subscription service to which I will be making use of very soon.

Placement offers additional services also, but thought I'd use all the tools I can get my hands on.

Take Care.

Joe said...

i love everything the the McDonald's McCafe coffees, everything except the silly name

Anonymous said...

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