Thursday, December 11, 2008

More Fun With Parking Lot Douchebags

Once again, I found YET ANOTHER parking lot douchebag. This one is in the rather busy parking lot of Springfield's Nakato Steak House. The parking lot isn't that big and it shares space with El Chico next door. Last Night was unusually busy, but then again, it is Christmas time. This is what you DO NOT do in ANY parking lot at Christmas time. People like me are always around and will find ways of making examples of you. This douchebag(for now) is lucky that all that happened to his bucket was a photo being taken. I've seen car keys employed in a most foul manner in order to proceed with well deserved street justice. In my day, I have done worse to get these dip shit's attention. At least this asshole didn't interfere with me getting a really nice dinner, the steak was great and so was the hibachi show, nice skills.


Kim said...

I wonder if that person was parked like an ass because the person parked in the next space over was parked like and ass and forced him to park like that, then left, leaving you to see only that one person. Hmmmmm.

Chances are that person probably just parked like an ass, but you never know! You could have been the person parked next to him. Maybe.

Eh. Just go to my blog, click on the youtube video I put up, and that can be your anthem for when you're out in parking lots and see idiots. ;-)

Glad the steak was any for me?

Caspar608 said...

This D-BAG has nothing on he traffic ticket D-Bag who gave me a ticket for double parking WHILE I WAS SITTING IN MY CAR WITH MY TRUNK OPEN AND HAZARDS ON.....

Complaint Department Manager said...

Caspar - sounds like this guy is either a rookie, was pissed to begin with or was trying to impress the Master Sargent. Either way, not cool indeed.

California Girl said...

In one of the parking lots where I workd [there are three] the parking spaces are so tight that I often see people who casually park a little over the line...but this guy takes the cake!

Michelle said...

I went to Wal-mart recently and someone pulled in like that. But it was an old Gremlin car. I am not sure why they were worried about a dent! Maybe they think its a classic. Looked like POS to me.

Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - boy - you're hilarious!

Emily said...

Nakatos! I've never been there.

What a douchebag. I love it when people park their trailers and RV's across the Lambert's parking lot, blocking tons of spaces.

Kim said...

Hey Emily,

As someone who camps in an RV, I do have to defend the people with the RV's who take up spaces. When we're on a long trip and need to stop for food or to pee, what are we going to do? We can't fit in normal spots! We can't park along the highways because that would be dangerous, and sometimes there are just no rest areas.

When we take up the spots with our RV, we make sure we park as far away from the business as possible so we won't inconvenience many people. Usually there is nobody around us, which is good, but there have been a few times where we've been closer to people than we would have liked. But really, we had no choice. We don't like taking up all those spaces, but sometimes when you're on a long trip with an RV, you really don't have many options when it comes to parking.

Most of the time we try to stop at rest areas or we go to truck stops, which are built for big rigs, and then we have no problem, but sometimes we just have no choice and have to stop at a place meant for smaller vehicles, and, therefore, take up several parking spots. I don't think we've ever stayed longer than 20 minutes on occasions like that, though.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know a social website where you can report bad/rude drivers? I thought I remember something like that, so all can know to avoid them.

This being the last weekend before Christmas, the mobs were out in force so trying to find parking is always a nightmare. We were roaming around the parking lot at the Costco in Burbank, CA for I don't know how long. We finally spotted someone loading their car and motioned us that we can have their space. We did the customary thing and signaled for the spot. This space was right in front at this intersection and we were waiting on the side. As soon as the leaving vehicle exited, and we had to wait as they passed us by, this Black Honda Accord zoomed straight in from the other side and took the spot in front of us.

We got out, and tried to explain we were waiting there and it was our spot, but the arrogant guy just laughed and replied to go tell security. The girl with him was equally shameful and just laughed in our faces. Bastards.

Hard might have come to that car if there weren't so many people around.

This was a Black Honda Accord, license plate: 5PZL796
in Southern California.

Spread the word if you can.

Anonymous said...

Found that site.

Report rotten drivers here:

Anonymous said...

Hi Complaint Department Manager,

Can you delete my previous 2 comments, or at least that last 2 paragraphs with his info? Vented out my frustration and it's probably not a good idea to post his info.