Monday, December 1, 2008

Image From the Vault

Dr. Sardonicus tagged me with a meme(of which I'm taking as payback for me tagging him). So, the thing is I had to pull the 4th photo from the "My Pictures" folder no matter what it was and state 4 things about it, if I understood correctly. Thing is I have separate photos in separate folders in that particular folder. So, I pulled the 4th photo from the 4th folder and came up with this oddly enough. I'm just glad the 5th didn't come up. So, here goes:

1. Yes, that's me puking, I was hungover in Orlando, FL. some 10 years ago. I was still drunk and it's 11:00 the next day.
2. This was the most intoxicated I had ever been in my life. The evening consisted of(in order): A hurricane from Pat O'Brien's, a shot of tequila from Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville, a tall shot of Captain Morgan from Nascar Cafe, 2 shots of Captain Morgan at Dan Marion's tavern, 2 shots of Captain Morgan at Bahama Breeze and polished off with a 64 oz of a frozen grape Everclear concoction from Lulu's bait Shack.
3. This is no lie, I have the glassware to prove it as well as witnesses and photos.
4. The photo was taken in the rear parking of a Burger King. A car was pulling into the space behind me as I let out a big heave. The car pulled back and left the parking lot.

Now that this out of the way, if you have read any of this by now, consider yourself tagged. My sadistic side is going for widespread affliction for this meme. It was either that or no tagging at all. I hope you all have enjoyed my suffering.

I am the Complaints Department Manager and I don't ever approve of this behavior...or message.


Mary said...

Been there.....done that. With age comes wisdom (sometimes). About drinking too much - oh yeah!

Now, how about a recent picture.

Kim said...

HA! See? My MOM wants a recent picture, too! LOL! ;-) And no, I DID NOT put her up to that!

JennyLu said...

:/ I thought you were a woman. :O No really, I did.

Complaint Department Manager said...

Mary, Kim - Nice try, maybe later. Kim...LIAR!

JennyLu - I'm not even going to ask how you got that, but now that you mention it, I am feeling a bit bloated and unattractive right now.

Kim said...

Hehe...I'm serious, I did not put her put to that.

dr sardonicus said...

Sick, man, just sick. Flipping the bird just adds a touch of authenticity.

Caspar608 said...

thats one mighty big middle finger CDM.
I did something similar at the office Christmas party two years was a fucking disaster. I locked myself in the bathroom and two of my male co-workers came barging in to make sure I was ok...I couldnt stop calling earl...I dont drink so three gin and tonics later I lost my liver...
and then cried. Came home, stripped naked and flooded the bathroom when I passed out in the shower...woke up when security was banging on the door...I had the nerve to stumble to the door, with a nightgown on and my left tittie hangin out the side and act all indignant and shit, talkin bout "why the fuck are you banging on my door at 3:30am???" "No, my bathroom IS NOT flooded, you fucking woke me up..."
Drunk and half asleep are the same damn thing.
No pictures of that incident unfortunately...

Kim said...

I want to know how he kept those shoes so white. I've never had a white pair of shoes that have stayed white for more than about 2 seconds.

tysgirl said...


Just for the record, I always thought you were a shemale.

:::runs and hides:::

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

That was a bold move posting that photo. *applause*

See? In the end, you received a little admiration for your trouble. Maybe it was worth it.

Caspar608 said...

I don't see any vomit.


Kim said...

Caspar, dry heaves, perhaps?


Complaint Department Manager said...

Doc - That bird got flipped when I finally realized my brother-in-law was taking pleasure in my suffering and documenting it.

Caspar - I don't think I showed titties in this least in this one. If you simply have to see the puke it was a bit translucent as I was on a liquid diet the evening before. You may see a bit of darker patches by my feet.

Kim - I just bought those shoes and was breaking them in the hard way. The dry heaves came a bit later, had washboard abs with all the heaving.

Tysgirl - Payback is a long graying-haired bitch.

Disordered one - Bold? Nah, that was so long ago to me, it's passe'. I will say this much, I WILL NEVER put myself in that situation again, not sure it was worth it. Although, my boss got a kick out of it, especially when I drunk-dialed him at 3 AM asking him to come pick me up. Just before he was about to leave, I reminded him I was in Orlando, he laughed his ass off then said good-bye.

Mary said...

1. Kim did not put me (put) up to it. I really do want to see a recent picture of you.

2. Get used to it. Happens every 28 days.


JennyLu said...

Lay off the salt and the bloat in your finger *hee hee* will go away. No, somewhere around your last road trip I drew up this mental image of you being a ... woman. WELL... you never said otherwise. LOL. I will just keep the "Image" to myself.

It's Me said...

Love the flying bird!!! barf!