Tuesday, December 9, 2008

That Ain't Right!

Normally I do this on a Friday, but I'm trying not to ignore the blog as I have been VERY busy with school wrapping up with the last tests and finals in the next few days. Couple that with me fulfilling some contracts and also trying to get time to work out at the Habitat for Humanity project at the North end of town.

So, in the spirit of gamesmanship and just plain "talk about wrong doing" talk, I encourage you all to mention what has pissed you off lately in hopes to leave it here on go on feeling better, perhaps. My big thing is just this whole semester being a bit of a disappointment for me, I just didn't bring it this time, but that will change next semester. I'm just glad that tomorrow is the last day and I DID manage to qualify for 2 classes of opting out of the final. Now that I spilled mine, it's your turn, but before that, amuse yourselves with this:


Jack said...

My two issues: Peace and Love.

Oh, they make me so mad I could just kill puppies.

Happy Holidays

Todd & Jillian Newlin said...

I hate my dentist...soon to be ex-dentist that is. Never had any pain after a filling in my entire life seeing my family dentist I grew up with...now am seeing a different dentist who is more geographically desireable and both times he's done fillings on my teeth in the past 18 months I have had a lot of pain afterwards...so I'm driving 40 miles after work today to get a second opinion from my childhood dentist because my soon to be ex-dentist says the pain is normal and may last a couple of months...ummm, I don't think so.

Kim said...

Ummmm. Well, there is still the matter of the $3,500 camper repair bill with the $500.00 deductible that we need cash that we don't have for. Why does everything cost money? Garage door isn't working, either...that's gonna cost almost $300.00 to fix. Don't have that, either! Money, money, money must be funny!

And now, thanks to all that, I have ABBA music in my head!

Time for some Zepplin.

JennyLu said...

I didn't opt out of any exams. I could have with bio but it is required that we take a final 25% OF THE GRADE.

Kim said...

How about the grading policy for a class I took way back in another lifetime...the class was called History of Psychology, and it was the most God awful, boring class I've ever taken. Even worse than stats! The professor, who was a nice guy, was boring. Boring, boring, boring. Talked for an hour and a half without a break, didn't allow for questions, and used a monotone voice. The ENTIRE grade was based on the midterm and the final. I messed up the midterm. I really messed up the midterm...I messed it up so badly that I need an A on the final to get a C in the class! Geeeez. I got my C in the class, but to this day that pissed me off...I mean, I had one bad day and it messed up my entire grade for that required class.

john lee said...

Bloggers who think school work is more important than updating their blog!! :)

Complaint Department Manager said...

Jack - okay, as much as I like dogs, I had to laugh out loud at that one.

Jillian - Saw that on your blog and indeed that is load of shit. It would make me want to have that guy spitting teeth himself. This reminds me of taking you car to a certain auto shop, even if it came straight off the lot, they'll still hind a few hundred dollars of repairs that "must" be attended to.

Kim - enhance your calm, it will resolve soon. As for the ABBA, you're on your own.

Jennylu - the last official day of school was crutial for me as that was the determinant of "yea" or "nay". This whole semester has had me flustered.

Longroofer - If only I was able to sit around and send "documents" to people like me all day...