Monday, December 15, 2008

New Addition To the Complaints Department..For the Holidays

Seeing as how it's Christmas, I have been extra jovial lately, especially since I took my Geology final and scored a 194/200. I thought since I was in the spirit of things, I thought I might pass it along. In fact, EVERYONE should know the song they first hear on this blog(no peaking) as it is MOST important to the holidays. If you have to ask, you're in some sad shape.

I took songs of different varieties and slapped them together. I thought this would be a nice compilation rather than force you into listening to my head bangin' tunes. The song list is what I have so far, I may indulge requests, especially if there's a grand consensus. I hope you enjoy the tunes and crank them up if you so choose.

Thanks to Caspar for having this little feature on her blog so I can shamelessly steal it.


Jack said...

That is my second favorite Christmas movie. Second only to A Christmas Story.

dr sardonicus said...

More headbanging. Bah humbug.

Darius T. Williams said...

Okay - so where are the songs?

Caspar608 said...

Congrats CDM!!!! Thats an AWESOME score for a test : )

I love Music ... all kinds of music...just like the O'Jays.

Christmas Vacation...visions of rabid squirrels dance in my head...exploding Christmas trees. Tis the season.

In case you havent heard, Paris police have neutralized explosives in a department store...someone must have had some serious complaints that no one wanted to listen to.

Don't go gettin any ideas : )

Kim said...

Ya gotta wait for it, takes a bit for the songs to load. The playlist is on the bottom if you wanna see what he has loaded on it! :-)

It's Me said...

Aren't you soooo looking forward to that break from school???? Good job and GREAT TUNES!

Todd and Jillian Newlin said...

This is my personal favorite as far as Christmas movies go...I love the snobby neighbors. My computer at work doesn't have a sound chip, so I'll have to come back when I get home so I can hear the music.
Oh and thanks for the spicy food advice, I have been eating spicy food (not because I thought it would help, but because I love now you've given me an excuse to eat more of it...thanks!)

JennyLu said...

OK I turned the volume on and you set off my 3 pound guard dog. Thanks! LOL.

Rocking Geo scores. I got a B in Geo when I took it in NY, fantablous job MR CDM. WOOOHOOO!