Thursday, January 22, 2009


For the longest time, I had some great ringtones I uploaded myself to my RAZR. I recently upgraded to the new VE 20. The phone is great, BUT there is one huge problem. Ringtones. YOU HAVE TO BUY THEM NOW! Alltel(and probably every other carrier) is tired of missing out on the revenue missed due to sync software that allows you to get you your own ringtones and do so for free. Needless to say, this pissed me off sorely. When I looked into the ringtone options, I saw they were running in the neighborhood of 3 bucks...are you fucking kidding me???

So, I decided to do something that I never thought I would do and that is do without. To be quite honest, I actually like it. Why? For the longest time, I was using ringtones of songs that I liked and for the longest time, I had no desire to hear these songs by themselves as I associated them with the phone ringing. I have to tell you, I get tired of things rather quickly and I thought the whole lack of ringtones would reach its limit, but it has already been a month and well within my getting tired of stuff time frame, but I'm still okay with this. I can actually have music playing and here the phone ring and not miss a call now as the musical ringtones would just blend in.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the phone and I came this(<-->) close to getting a Blackberry Curve, but I couldn't justify the extra 20 bucks a month on my rate plan. On top of that, I'd lose my free web browsing and text messaging I got hooked up with from a former employee that did so before leaving, YAY!


Wildhair said...

I have a RAZR. I'm too low tech to worry about upgrade. My nephews, on the other hand, are into the fancy gadgetry and they told me about far as I know, the site is compatible with their phones.
I should mention it's free. If the material is copyrighted you can't share it with other users. Like I care about that anyway.
Good luck.

It's Me said...

I'm so sick of having to pay for every damn gadget associated with my RAZR. dammit

Kim said...

I want a Crackberry. I've decided I want to be able to check email, IM, update my blog...I want to do everything no matter where I am. Sadly, however, I just cannot justify $100.00/month for the service, and that's the best deal I can find. Damn, damn, damn. So, I'll stick with the tracfone for a while longer, I guess! At least until I win the lottery, which is what I'm basing my entire retirement plan on. ;-) If I don't win the lottery, I'll be out of luck! :-o

Complaint Department Manager said...

M - The new RAZRs or at least the VE 20's can't except ringtones from those sites, I even tried to get to them using the WAP browser and I got a rude message on the page saying that "this application cannot be accessed via WAP." Trust me, I tried everything before giving up. I'm still okay with having generic tones as I can now hear my phone ring while music is being played.

Red said...

Yea, I miss my scoop. I just upgraded to the HINT and not the blackberry for the same reason you claim, twenty bucks is twenty bucks and hell, there are enuf wifi spots.

I don't do music ringtones (i use the shirllest ringtone the phone has) because I listen to the car radio loud and the mp3 louder... LOL.... Oh well.

But allhell wants to charge for everything from ringtones, to using that celltop, to games, hell, i decided that the phone is the phone and let the rest be.

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