Friday, January 23, 2009

You Said It, I Di-in't

This was actually the first picture I took with my new phone...what an accomplishment. Honestly, white trash bash??? Hell, while you're at it have a redneck rendezvous, honky ho-down, a cracker convention and/or a mayonnaise monkey melee. This shit was pulled from a college campus for Christ's sake.

There are times I am embarrassed to call myself white folk...DAMN! This is one of the many reasons I am not a big fan of rednecks.


It's Me said...


LOve it!!

Jennster said...

Yea, but CDM... Your missing the point there... anyone can get in on that! There is nothing worse then people that fall into the catagory of WHITE TRASH.

Just saying that is.

Michelle said...

You have not seen white trash until you visit some folks in N.C.
Some of our local rednecks are so lazy they do not dear hunt, they drive Hwy 220 and take the head of one that has been hit by a car and leave the rest! They are members of white trash Randolph County NC