Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Best and Worst Pizza??? Who Cares???

Honestly, the guys at Men's Health Magazine must be bored or out of shit to print to come up with this "news worthy" article. Let's face it folks, if you simply MUST have a calorie count on the pizza you may want to consume, then you shouldn't consume it in the first place. What's next guys, best and worst cigarettes? Doughnuts? For me, I LOVE the pizza and I only eat it every once in a while like a responsible adult and not every other day(or every day for some dipshits) that would most certainly turn me into the typical American...in the South.

So, when it's time to go off the wagon, I go face first and into something like this:

Or, if I feel like I want to set a new "cram myself full 'til I want to puke like a typical Southerner", I go for something like...a threesome!!!

I am the Complaint Department Manager and GOD, do I miss Chicago.


Anonymous said...

You have got to come to NY with us sometime. Or at least come here and enjoy Mario's.

Anonymous said...


Cut it out... you are making me blush! :) Thanks for the compliment on Sue's blog.

Donna Marie

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Best pizza in Men's Health? Yeah. That is a little suspect.

I avoid eating pizza. If you put a pizza in front of me, I seriously can't help myself. I'll snarf three slices wtihout even thinking about it. Four if I'm really hungry.

Lemmy Caution said...

Damn, those look good!

Complaint Department Manager said...

Kim - In due time

Donna Marie - There's more where that came from...

SDC - Just 3? 4? You are SUCH a lightweight.

Lemmy - You have no idea just HOW good. I still miss them. I'll kill another just to watch it die.

Sue said...

Manager I went to Lindas blog first and read this, then commented, you can imagine my comment to her!! This is what she had posted and it's about Obama!! I stayed calm and told her it was hurtful and hateful. I forget the rest cuz I don't usually go back to argue with neocons.

"And yet there are those in high places who hate our military and want to tear it down. They don't respect what America has sacrificed to try to make the world a better place. They demean the very men and women who have put their own lives at risk to stand for freedom and for that which is right. They travel the world apologizing for what America stands for and criticizing her ideals. They won't even defend America with their words, but these brave Soldiers who finished the National Anthem defend her with their very blood. Shame on those who are trying to destroy what those Soldiers so bravely defend...SHAME ON THEM!!"

Can you believe this shit!? You are right about these people causing your IQ to drop. They have their snide evil little jabbing comments that throw me in fits then I start screaming and cussing while they sit there quietly, then they say "why are you so angry? Why use the F word?" Grrrrrrrrrrr

Sue said...

LMFAO, thanks for the compliments, come by anytime!

Sue said...

we at hellooooo... forgive you, now go pay this woman a visit
her and her Mormon friends have great reasons for not wanting their children to listen to Obamas talk to the little kids. :-)))