Sunday, September 20, 2009

In General, I Hate Muffin Tops

Sorry CDM Followers, I am just an old man and get pissed off rarely. I turn 50 years old a week from Tuesday and, just like many old men, have little patience for a lot of people.

So, this pleasant, Chamber of Commerce kind of Sunday afternoon, I headed down the beach to my favorite Publix grocery store to stock up on feed supplies this old man needs every month or so. You know, soy sauce, black pepper, chips and, really, whatever else they have on sale.

The cool, at least I think anyway, thing about where I live is that the Taj Mahal is less than two blocks from an automobile friendly beach and I can drive from my condo to my grocery store on the beach.

Yeah, I really get a kick out of that.

So I arrive at my local shopping center that I enjoy hanging at and enter my grocery store.

As this is a fairly large, stock up, kind of visit, I grab on of those rarely used shopping carts and head on off.

Now, I am a single guy and, like most men, I don't shop, I buy. So, I know where I am going.

As I head down the produce aisle I spot the following.....

A mid 20's year old pony tailed, tank top, tattoo bearing redneck pushing a child carrying cart, you know, the ones with benches in them for young kids to ride in. Well this one was equipped with a mid 20's year old girl holding a toddler on her lap.

Additionally, another mid 20's girl with a HUGE tramp stamp was free loading a ride in that kid carrying area and that tattooed dude was struggling to provide acceleration to that buggy.

Further adding to my frustration, there was another, and part of that crowd, muffin top pushing a cart of her own alongside that oversized grocery cart.

So what did this olelongrooffan do?

I stopped, turned around, and started my, usually pleasant, Publix shopping experience on the other side of that Florida based retailer.

As it was, I was able to complete my excursion without running into them again.

Until I realized I had forgotten tortillas for my morning eggs and sausage breakfast wraps.

So, I head over to the "Ethnic" aisle and as I turn the corner, I see these two cart bearing tattooed rednecks moving down this aisle and basically blocking my passage of them in the aisle in front of me.

Oh, by the way, if you are on a four lane road and are going the same speed as the car to your right, You Are In The Wrong Lane.

But I digress.

Slowly, one of those carts moves in front of the other one and I slip between them to get my much desired tortillas.

As I slide between them, one of the tramp stamped muffin tops says, loud enough so this olelongrooffan can hear, "I can't believe how rude people are down here."

Now I have to say, I believe, these days, I am a polite ole man.

I always point out burned out brake lights.

I let people out in traffic.

I carry my 87 year old neighbor's recycle bin out to the curb every Thursday.

I never park in his parking spot.

and cold pops are always in my frig for thejeepjunkie and TheGoodAttorney for their happy hour visits.

But this fat little bitch just pissed me off.

I had left my buggy behind them to slide through, get those tortillas and return to it to reverse direction and get out of their world.

So, as I was returning and fuming at her thinking I was rude, I mentioned in passing that she was the one blocking the aisle.

As she started to smart off some inane response, I turned to her and said....

"Hey muffintop, your grandchildren will love that tramp stamp across your ass."

and I turned around and left.

Now while this is not the most mature method I could have handled this situation,

It sure felt good and I am still able to

Celebrate Life.

also posted at By The Numbers, although with some editing.

Thanks CDM.


Bustednuckles said...

High Five!

I am laughing my ass off.
You are a nice guy.

Quit it.

Stupid wenches.

BTW, Yer going to be on my Blogroll shortly.


Larue said...

Busted made me come here.

And now I wanna smack me some tramp stamp ass up the side of the head.


There's a REASON me and my old lady don't often shop together. She's slow at it, I KNOW what I want and get OUT of my fuckin way, I'm GETTING it.

We survived it today, though. *G*

Kick old ass, yer a kid, though. Happy 50. *G*

Complaint Department Manager said...

Damn John, you're so old, you fart dust.

Ornery, Larue, I've been hoping John would come out of his blogger cursing closet. All the more reason to make him a co-author.

Celebrate Strife!

TomCat said...

Thanks to CDM for the visit and comment at Politics Plus. CD is now on the blog roll. I wish I could have seen her face. :-)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Very funny.

like most men, I don't shop, I buy

Now I finally understand the difference between my husband and me. After 22 years. Thanks, CDM. You've just contributed to our marital peace.

BTW, if Taj Mahal is any indication, you are a (neat) OC. (There are worse things than that. ;)

Happy b-day!

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Hah hah! You got it off your mind. Now she really understands "rude". I do wonder what people with tramp stamps will be showing their grandchildren.