Thursday, September 17, 2009

Missouri Republican Assembly, Have You lost Your Damn Mind?!?!

The Missouri Republican Assembly is bringing the douchebag-of-the-month to MY backyard. Yes, Joke Wilson, "alleged" immigration attorney. I thought surely I heard wrong this morning, but nay. It's bad enough that the county I live in went 70% for Mad Jack, but I guess the area of Missouri, that is SO close to Harrison, Arkansas(KNOWN hate group headquartered there), just had to embarrass themselves further...or just show their true "color".

Tickets to this event will be made available to the public...but ticket prices haven't been posted yet. Ticket prices??? Can you say, "fund raiser". The Republican Party has lost their DAMN mind! Their Leader of infinite wisdom William Scott Magill Said and I quote KY3's political notebook:

"He sort of just fell into our lap." When asked how Magill helped book Wilson's visit, he declined to go into details. "It's a hot topic. He probably has got something to say. It's timely," Magill added.

Maybe they should have invited Kanye instead.

You know, there are actually some decent Republicans in this area. I feel so bad for them at this moment. Keep in mind that the Republican "Party" and the "Assembly" are different. A bit of a strecth, but different.

If anyone can get me the number to the Missouri Republican Assembly and NOT the actual Republican Party, I will post it.

I am the Complaint Department Manager and I approve this message...and phone calls to the "Assembly".

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The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

I'll bet if you want to purchase a ticket, you have to go through some kind of "screening" so there won't be any protests to catch the eyes of any media covering the event. It's not just about fundraising, it's about control.

BTW, you cracked me up when you said glen beck doesn't deserve capitalization!