Monday, September 14, 2009

Outbursts...Has Everyone Lost Their Damn Minds?

Has everybody lost their damn minds??? I mean really? From a douchebag Rep from South Carolina, Serena trying to channel a McEnroe meltdown, to redneck white trash chanting "glenn beck" while praising Joke Wilson in D.C. to a no class dumbass from hip-hop and all showing a lack of class and dignity. This is their moment to recognize.

First, of course, Joke Wilson in South Carolina I'm sure got a big "thank you" from Gov. Sanford as now there's a new King Douchebag in South Carolina. I hear there may be talks of censure, bad idea. All that's really like is getting your name wrote down on the chalkboard, maybe even cirlced and/or a check mark or 2, 'member that shit? If you ask me, since he's from the south, he should have a typical southern response. He should get his ass whooped. Wait 'til he gets better, then do it again for good measure and as a reminder. Joke Wilson, recognize.

Serena, Serena, Serena. Damn girl, have you lost your mind? She's NEVER done anything like this before, so what gives? Her and her sister have invigorated the ever boring sport of tennis and were actually trying to turn it into a bit of a fast paced and intense event. The new trend of turning it into a smackdown, however, not good. Serena, you know better. Serena, recognize.

Ah, I see the Tea party village idiots are next, like this will be difficult to address. Just watch the video as village idiots from around the country came out in droves to champion their man glenn beck(he doesn't deserve proper capitalization). They also managed to show a lot of love for Joke Wilson, watch the video and see for yourself. I don't EVEN have enough time to address the other things these people COULD have protested before all of this, but Paul Begala hints at a good chunk. Tea baggers, recognize(ya dumb ignorant bastards).

Finally, there's Kanye-douchebag-de-jour West.I never liked this fuckhead to begin with and at least I can see that my suspicions were correct. You should all know by now that he's the dipshit that grabbed the Mike out of Taylor Swift's(not much of a fan of her music, just sayin')hand and went on a childish rant about how Beyonce' had a better video...WOW, was that ever stupid. If this were any other person from the audience, he would have been took down hard, dragged from the event and then arrested outside where the NYCPD would have taken him down hard AGAIN and had his punk ass thrown in the hole downtown. Beyonce' at least had the decency to give Taylor her time to shine at her expense, thus making 2 victims at the awards show. By the way, why do they still call that god forsaken channel, MTV? Kanye, your bitch ass needs to recognize.

I am the Complaint Department Manager and I approve this moment to recognize.


Anonymous said...

CD... I am over here in stitches... You are hilarious! Douche bag De Jour?? I love it!!!! LOL... You are funny and completely on point! I think you are right.. these EMM- EFFERS have lost their minds! LOL

Donna Marie

Complaint Department Manager said...

I do what I can, I do what I can.

Anonymous said...

I feel you, I feel you. (Calm down!!LOL)

Donna M

Sue said...

great post C, and Donna don't use the words 'feel you' in your comments to C!!LOL