Friday, February 15, 2008

Piss On Recordings!

No one hates talking to a recording more than me and it appears the people at GETHUMAN are as well. The link provided will give you 500 companies and how to get to their "human" operators. To the right, it gives you info on what to push or say. This is good info to keep on your favorites, God knows this topic is more top heavy than Dolly Parton in a centrifuge. Here are some tips from the same website on how to get human operators elsewhere.


Whiner Girl said...

Yeah!! I also get enraged when I have to navigate through a computer system on the other end of the line. I called one of my credit card companies to ask a question and could not get a human because I didn't have my card physically on me. They wanted the 3 numbers on the back to allow me to access a person!!!! When I called later (with my card in hand) I was told there is no way to get an actual human without those three numbers (along w/ the account number, of course)!!! Needless to say, once that puppy is paid off, that account is getting shut down. When they ask why, I'll tell them to call my computer!!! Grrrrr!!!!! (thanks for refreshing my anger)

Kim said...

Good stuff, however, half the time I call those places I don't want to talk to a human....I want to talk to the computer, because the human always seems to mess something up! :-o