Monday, February 11, 2008

Just What Qualifies As "Bad Enough" Weather?

Today Missouri State cancelled classes, but they waited until 6:30 to call it a day. What-in-THE-HELL are you nimrod(s) thinking by waiting that long?!?! I personally know a handful of students who have to drive from Branson to attend class and Mizz State wants to wait 'til the last possible second to call off classes, I'm sorry but that's fucked up! Even your inclement weather policy states that the decision is to be made before 6:00. Ever heard of erring on the side of caution? I know it's a no win situation to make a call with limited info, so why chance it? You either look like a pussy for closing too soon or you're an idiot for waiting too late. Jobs are lost primarily on the later, mind you. What ever happened to "Safety First"? Ya know, I believe Fat Jack may have touched on this a wee bit awhile back.

So it's a tough decision, so what, GROW A SET! Throw on a fresh set of panties; you get paid big bucks to make big decisions. Earn your keep, bitches!

This post would have been made sooner, but my internet provider was busy getting the rich people up and running first. I won’t say who they (The ISP)are, but if for some reason I make a…sudden link to the internet, I’ll be happy.

Added note: Just got everything back on at 8 P.M. Maybe now they’ll consider burying that damn cable.


Busplunge said...

My daughter lives west of here out by Halltown. She slid down one hill and was halfway in the ditch when she called me on her cell this morning in tears, nothing like sliding down a county road into a ditch to get the tears flowing! I told her to call her boss and say she would be in when the roads cleared. They never cleared out where she lives. She lives on top of a hill, turn left, turn right, you are going sliding!

Anonymous said...

I understand what you're going through, there! Having grown up in Upstate NY, I've seen my fair share of shitty weather! We'd get our first snow around Halloween and our last around Mother's Day!

I remember one big storm we had while I was in college. I did not live on campus, preferring to commute. My car had broken down (which happened often...I had a habit of buying $300.00 pos cars!) so I waited in the freezing cold to take a bus to school. By the time I got to school, the snow as really coming down. I went to work in the computer lab attempting to write a paper (I didn't have a computer at the time - I had to use the schools computers!) and had only been there about a half hour when there was an announcement that the school was shutting down due to the weather. Of course, I packed up my stuff and headed to the bus stop only to find out that due to the weather, all bus service for the day had been cancelled! So there I was...10 miles from my house with no transportation, in a blizzard. None of my friends lived on campus, nor where any of my friends ON campus that day. They all, wisely, stayed home! I thought I was going to end up sleeping on the couch in the psych lounge! I was a psych major and we somehow managed to get our very own little room complete with a couch. It wasn't much, but it was a good place to go to get away from everyone else who didn't know about it. I wanted to go him, though, so I found one of my professors who I knew lived near me. I said he'd give me a ride home, but that didn't happen. His car wasn't going anywhere. Not only wouldn't it start, but it wasn't 4 wheel drive. Why someone in that part of the country had a car that wasn't 4 wheel drive I don't know. Just as I resigned myself to sleeping on that couch, another faculty member who I didn't know but who my professor did know, came along. He had 4-wheel drive vehicle and offered a ride, which was gladly taken. The 10 miles drive home took more than an hour, but we made it! Whew! What an adventure that was!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Ok...I have a game. Let's play count the typos in Kim's last comment! I think I need coffee. :-o

California Girl said...

These guys should know that a ton of people rely on them for information to help in their decisions to go to school/work/where ever. Around here the schools notify the parents before 6am by an automated telephone call that there won't be school. They notify the radio stations too and its broadcast a lot over the airwaves. Make a decision and stick with it people! sheesh.

Whiner Girl said...

My ears are hearin' what you're singin' brother!!!!

Jack said...

I agree. MSU needs to make a decision and stick to it. Does 30 minutes really make a difference. Stick to the policy, make a decision by 6 am and be done with it.