Sunday, February 24, 2008

Unkown Person+Cell Phone+Waving To the Camera = DOUCHE BAG Squared!

Picture this, you are watching TV and someone interesting is getting interviewed and then some idiot shows up. You know of who I speak of, the attention whore who just has to get their pasty face on TV while talking on the cell phone so he can show how cool he is because he thought of that idea first. Wrong Fucktard! You and people like you need to be Fungo'd with an aluminum baseball bat! Every-single-damn-time I watch TV lately I see these dipshits AND THEY'RE MULTIPLYING! What is it about wanting to be on TV so appealing that you must make your debut as a friggin' Douche bag? I have seen my fair share of TV cameras from lots of different networks and I usually head the other way when I see them, I have no desire to be on TV let alone look like an idiot in doing so. Besides, if I ever do get on camera, what's in it for me? I don't need exposure, I need cash!

To Quote a Whiner Girl post:


I had thought of posting a picture of one of these 'tards, but then I thought to myself, "Self...why give them more attention in a visual way?" It's getting to the point to where I'm actually feeling sorry for reporters and news show hosts that have to deal with this riffraff. New Rule: All media personnel are to be equipped with big red and round fungo bats so that they can fire off at will and the viewing audience can get some REAL entertainment.

I say this to those who feel the need to get their moment of fame in the most lame manner possible: You are as wanted and necessary as dick cheese and should be treated as such. A lot of effort was put into the research in evolution, try not to reverse engineer the process.


California Girl said...

DO NOT hold back - I really want to know how you feel! LOL! I love your posts!

Anonymous said...

LOL People are such douche's lately with their phones. Went grocery shopping yesterday, and we encountered 6 different people walking around in a daze while talking on their phones.

Kim said...

I love the people who walk around with OTHER people, everyone talking on their phones. They're together, yet they're not.

My husband has to have his stupid phone on for work, even when he's not there, which annoys me, but luckily it's rare that people call him when he's off. I have a cell phone for emergencies. I like it that way. If you want to talk to me on the phone call me at home. If I don't answer. leave a message.

Whiner Girl said...

I just don't understand why it is people want to be on camera. Have you seen those people that drag their asses all the way across the country to NYC so that they can be filmed through the window on The Today Show?? I JUST DON'T GET IT!!!