Friday, February 1, 2008

That Ain't Right!

Yes, I'm gonna try it again, this time with a new title. Formerly known as the Complaint Box, now just titled, "That Ain't Right!" Been slighted, wronged or just wanna tell somebody to go to hell? Well let it out here and feel better. Example: Sniderman has a problem with padidles(thought I forgot?). I'll kick it off by telling Williams Heating and Cooling, "You cheaky bastards charged me $140 for just labor replacing a fan that was under warranty, you ought to be kicked in the ding ding for me having to take that in the ass without the benefit of a reach around or a kiss on the neck! Blow me!"


Busplunge said...

I will bet the fine print says that the warranty only covers the product, not the service call or installation charges.

My main gripe is people who want you to inconvenience yourself so they won't have to.
also people who drink your good beer and replace it with cheap beer. Like drink my Ice House and replace it with Milwaukee's Best Ice, reasoning all ice beer is the same.
Well, I feel better now.

Kim said...

Ok, here we go....almost a year later and I'm still pissed about this one! Brought our pop-up in to make sure the tires were ok for a long trip. We were told they were fine. Took the pop-up on a long trip and BLEW OUT BOTH TIRES! They were NOT fine. Complained to the rv place. We were told that 'we don't check tires'. Really? We paid them to check the tires. Hmmmm. Had insurance for tires. Insurance wouldn't pay because the tires were wasn't caused by a road hazard. So, bad tires that were supposedly good that we paid someone to check out, they told us the checked them but, as it turned out, lied, and almost killed 5 people. The blowouts, both of them, happened at 70 mph on I-95. Grrrr. You can see one of the tires here:


Now yer talkin... headlights are not expensive ya morons.

California Girl said...

It took me nearly 20 years before I would walk into a Sears store again. I brought my car in to get a part changed. They had my car for a while then said it would be even longer to get the part. I got the part for them and brought it down to get it put in. They said it would be another day or two. I picked up my car a couple of days later and it still ran horribly. I opened up the trunk and there was the new part I bought, the one they said they had put in. I immediately brought it back and they wouldn't take care of it right then. I had to wait another two days to get my car fixed. And then, on top of all this, they replaced the part while in the same area as they repaint parts of cars so I had spots of paint all on my car. Sears sucks.