Monday, April 21, 2008


What the fuck is that??? I just got "tagged" by Cali Girl(and she didn't even have the decency to buy me a drink first or give a reach around)...and who the hell told you I knew how to read? I don't think you people want to read passages from the Anarchist cookbook and how to make bleach bombs, so now I actually have to get up and find a different one. So let me get this straight, page 123...find 5th sentence...then post the next thrice sentence, ay? Two posts in one day, you trying to make me work or something...and for free??? This is why don't think much on this blog as I like getting paid to use my brain. Anyway, enough whining and bitching:

The following is from "Combat Strategy" by Hanho

Junsado categorizes combination attacks into four groups:

Group A: 1. Strike + Strike
2. Stike + Kick
3. Stike + Immobilization
4. Strike + Takedown

I think that ought to be sufficient. I tried the Yellow pages and it didn't make any damn sense. And now I'm supposed to find 5 more victims? Okay, that being the case, I throw the punk card at these 5 people:

1. Whiner Girl from Something To Whine About. Whine all ya want, your ass is still tagged.
2. Dr. Sardonicus from Pole Hill Sanitarium One thing Doc, no Rush Limbaugh books please.
3. JL from Pretension Deficit for just damn meanness.
4. Strannix from Welcome To the Revolution Get your bitch ass back to the blog!
5. Bright Yellow Gun your ass is known about and I don't wanna hear how ya just got tagged earlier.

I would love to have tagged Sniderman's punk ass but...oh, and after which, I would trade your ass for cigarettes.


dr sardonicus said...

Been there, done that. But it's a good 'un, and there's always a stray book or two lying around here...

Complaint Department Manager said...

Fush u mang! Git up ang doit agayen!

Anonymous said...

I think I have a headache.

JL said...

OK, you little shit. I'll do this, but I refuse to tag anyone else, since I hate these things. Gee, where can I find a book?

California Girl said...

See, you CAN read! I knew you had a hidden talent somewhere, it was just a matter of digging. I woulda reached around however you keep running away from me. I will, however, celebrate the fact that you did this next week when I am at the beach. I will hoist up a drink to the skies and think of you as I guzzle it down!


hell, with the price of cigs these days, i'd trade my hubby!