Thursday, April 24, 2008

More Fun With Parking Lot Douchebags

This was just too convenient for me to miss out on. This idiot parked right next to me and gave me a nice view of the huge gap between hers and the guy parked behind her. I don't think the photo gives just exactly how much room there was, but you could fit one of those 'not so' Smartcars in the gap. Speaking of 'not so' Smartcars, I saw 2 today around Springfield. Man those things are ugly, I was so put off by them, I felt compelled to throw some gum out in front of it to see the driver try to down shift their piece of shit out of it. A word to the unwise, you should have looked at a 3 door Yaris instead. Give your car to the idiot in the photo so she can park it by the bike racks.


Anonymous said...

My theory is it's a new car and they're used to one with a bigger trunk, and thus, didn't know how much room they had. OR, perhaps when they pulled into that spot the person who was in the spot on the other side was so far over the line that they had no choice but to park in a manner that, when the original poor parker left, made them look like a fool.

What pisses me off are the people with the expensive sports cars who take up several parking spots purposely just so nobody will park next to them.

Jason said...

I had some guy at Wal*Mart last night park virtually diagonally in a spot and it was so close we couldn't put our two year old daughter inside into her car seat. We had to go to the other side and put her in that way.

Some people just have zero consideration for anyone else.

JL said...

I love your parking posts, and fully expect to see my mother's car on here someday. Bless her heart, the older she gets, the worse she parks.

Complaint Department Manager said...

JL, tell you what. If I happen to post her car on here, just claim it and I'll make an addendum, just for you, fair enough?

Kim, I like your theories, just one problem: The car is facing outward and by the angle, it was definately a pull through.

Jason, if it ever happens to you ever again, take a picture if you can. We'll find a way to post that silly bastard's lack of consideration.