Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Why I Hate Gloria Allred And Why She Should Just Die!

I don't know what Rob Lowe did and I really don't care. I just hope the nanny loses because she hired this fucking cow. If any of you watched the today show interview with the nanny this morning...oops, I meant the interview with Gloria Allred as her client didn't even get a chance to put together a complete sentence, let alone a complete thought. She has represented a number of high profile clients, including the waste of human skin, Kevin Federline. The fact is, when her clients get interviewed, she simply must be there to make sure they don't say anything stupid or say anything at all. Everytime one of her clients gets asked a question, she immediately interupts her client and the person interviewing and starts spewing some over hyped bull shit that would make a buddhist want to commit assault on the bitch. I have seen a number of lawyers come on TV with their clients and they are usually respectful to the whole interview process, but not this shitastrophe of humanity. I have always thought my self to be a professional shit disturber of sorts, but her...Jedi Master Yoda she would be. When Gloria isn't too busy attacking surfers or searching for cheese in rundown buildings, she can be seen making a mockery of the whole interview process. Just for this alone, I think she should just go off some where and die, you can't tell me that she'll be missed.


Sandy said...

You took the words right out of my head! I think Allred is one of the most annoying people I have ever had the displeasure of listening to on television.
Her daughter, Lisa Bloom, is equally as annoying.
I feel like sewing my ears and eyes shut when I see either of them pop up on my screen.


I saw that interview and my jaw was on the floor as to how she refused to let this "nanny" say one word. The dumb broad just sat there half smiling, half dazed and confused, and 100% initimidated. Gloria is an alien.

Anonymous said...

Schadenfreudian_Slip here: Well...c'mon, this is what happens when you're a glorified ambulance chaser. The only diff is that Allred's ambulance is the TV media. Her clients are marginally more sophisticated than Jerry Springer guests, so you never know WHAT low-rent melodramatic insanity will avalanche from their mouths. Allred is a model of what happens when blending our adversarial legal model with unbridled and unsated greed AS WELL AS the type of prideful ego that addicts the Allreds, Bellis, and Cochranes to the war booty of our legal system.

Anonymous said...

allred should be sent to Iran.

Anonymous said...

when she defended, the mercenary extortionist/adulterous, porn/whore, morons; that were involved with tiger woods,she showed herself, to, either be crazy,or an imbecile. she's obviously got issues with men in general.