Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wanna-Be Bikers...How Drole.

The weather around S.W. Mo has been absolutely wonderful lately, but there's just one thing. Wanna-be bikers that are riding around on $20,000 bikes with a $2 brain. It's bad enough that they ride too slow or just don't seem to watch what the hell they're doing like when they're driving their gas guzzling S.U.V. Come to think of it, do these people actually think they are bikers in any sense of the word? If all you are doing is taking the bike out for a ride, but only if the weather is just right, then you are NO BIKER! If anything, you are self medicating, delusional and beyond the mark of self indulgence that an otherwise responsible person would be. I actually have known people that rode 365 regardless of the weather. Now those are bikers. You people probably know others that are like this. They are the same people that think it's hella-cool when they dress to match their vehicles or bikes for that matter. They just that damn cool, they're edgy and dangerous cause they happen to own a bike...what-the-fuck-EVER! Maybe if you silly bastards rode that bike more often during all types of weather conditions you'd know how to ride that damn thing better and not be so concerned with how cool you are when you give that low hand signal you give to other riders. Look, if you want to be cool and show everyone what a bad ass you THINK you are, join the military or re-enlist. Here's another one, become a volunteer fire fighter or just volunteer SOMEWHERE, they're plenty of places you can get all the attention and exposure you're looking for and you won't even have to wear the helmet.

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Whiner Girl said...

Gak! I know exactly what you mean. Here in Colorado there are tons of these people! I even new one guy that was so wrapped up in the "coolness" of biking that he bought all the stylish gear to prepare for one day having a bike. Yeah. A couple of years have passed and he still doesn't have one ... but damn, he sure is cool with his jacket, boots and helmet! Hehe ... he's invested hundreds of dollars on just trying to look the part. What a loser.
On the other hand, we got hit by a snow storm last week and on my drive home I saw an abandoned bike that the rider couldn't get up the unplowed mountain road ... now that is a real biker, riding in a blizzard.