Friday, April 25, 2008

More About the 'Not So'Smartcar...I Smell A Top 10.

I got off on a little bit of a rant about this rather impressive golf cart a post or 2 back and thought I was going to forget about it...until I just got through talking to someone who thought about looking at one. Just thought I'd point out a few things:

1. Let me get this straight, your car's engine has 1 liter and my Mountain Dew has 2...Not to mention that this thing goes 0-60 in 4 tries.
2. You mean to tell me that a 3 door Yaris gets around 3 MPG better in mixed driving conditions?
3. Not to mention, the Yaris is a few hundred bucks...LESS!
4. If I get one of the Smartcars, it will be sure to draw a crowd...of caddies.
5. Don't care if Daimler/Chrysler is behind this thing, that's actually a reason not to get it.
6. I'd be scared of not being blown off the road by a speedier Yaris or Versa, but by the wind itself. Missouri has a LOT of strong winds(and not just from the weather conditions either).
7. If I hit a pot hole, something tells me I'll need to call my insurance company.
8. How much down shifting will be involved in getting over a speed bump...or wad of chewing gum?
9. I really don't give a crap about what people think about me, but being laughed at by 6 year olds while they try racing me to the corner and I can't shake them, would be more than I could bear.
10. I personally want to see a Car and Driver comparison between this and a Barbie Power Wheels. Yes, Tokyo Drift in a Barbie car, a must see. VROOM VROOM BITCH!!!


California Girl said...

You'd never catch me in one of those cars. Nope. Not at all.

Whiner Girl said...

I wonder how they hold up in an accident? I suppose they're really best for folks who never get on the expressway. Hmmm ...

Wildhair said...

HA! Barbie car. I wonder if someone can pop a wheelie in that Yaris thingamajig.


LMAO!!! 1st things 1st....would my big butt fit into this thing?


I checked into the smart doesn't even good mpg!! why would anyone want one?

Complaint Department Manager said...

Exactly! There are 3 great alternatives to this thing. If you want a better price, a 3 door Yaris. If you want more room and power without breaking the budget, a Versa or even better, a Honda Fit.

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