Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm Throwing the Bullshit Flag!

Crude oil is down...5 TIMES what was not even a year ago, so why is gas going up? Well, the "experts" will tell you that the reason is because of 3 words, West Texas Intermediate. The problem? A pipeline that doesn't exist for these guys to get us oil on our own turf even cheaper than we can get it with shipping costs from the likes of North Sea crude. They said so themselves, "Historically, West Texas International crude has cost more. So nobody bothered building the necessary pipelines to carry it beyond the nearby refineries in the Midwest, parts of Texas and a handful of other places." So, you mean to tell me that the reason why oil that's bidding for 5 TIMES more than a year ago is because of a logistics problem? I'm throwing the bullshit flag! Transportation costs, pipeline costs...there's only so much of that shit you can shovel. I know there are other sources like in Canada that are a $10 more per barrel option to get around this, but you're still looking at sub $50 oil. Where's the difference in $3 gas(with oil at a $150 barrel price) versus the approaching $2 gas(with oil at a $47 barrel price) we are currently getting so far beyond our reach? How does that $1 difference translate to a $100+ difference per barrel? Also, why haven't we had this problem earlier? What has really changed in the world of oil logistics?

I am the complaint department manager and I just threw the bullshit flag.


Michelle said...

I hear you CDM. Gas is climbing here as well. I guess they are worried about making their BILLIONS in profits this year and are coming up with anything to raise the prices. Pathetic!

Red said...

Good Point. Google it. They will tell you that with the lower price there is a higher demand for the oil and the refiniers are cutting back production of oil. 2 bucks is a lot better then the 4.50 we were paying over the summer. Hell I had to take a student loan just to be able to come to school. Grrrump.

I like the green. Makes me horny. Just saying is all. But there is no music, sup with that techno boi?

Complaint Department Manager said...

Michelle - I'm just sick of these excuses with them leading to a dead end. In fact, I'm hearing all kinds of excuses, but not one damn answer.

Red - I have searched it, some charts aren't coinciding with the history though, but I remeber enough to know that the shit just doesn't add up right.

So, green does that to ya? So, are you saying you are "redder" than normal? *ehem* Sorry about the music as I have been contemplating it. If you picked up on it already, I'm going now with the St. Patrick's theme colors. So, to tie in music with that, i have to employ Irish music. As a predominantly Irishman myself, I can tell you that after a while, it loses it's novelty and becomes annoying. I need to find music that I like and won't drive everyone nuts. If anything, just make ya smile and maybe, just maybe, more red.*ehem*

It's Me said...

You're throwing in the flag and I'm friqqing WAVING it!