Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Little More Sunday Blasphemy

Back by popular demand...and no, I have NO shame.


Michelle said...

Talk about Blasphemy. I just watched the 'trial of Ted Haggard'
on HBO. I cant believe I never heard of him until now. Where have I been?

dr sardonicus said...

That sandwich had better be kosher...

Busplunge said...

That poster reminds me of my 9 year old grandson Austin.

He, his stepmom and myself were sitting in the kitchen this past summer and hte conversation got around to jokes.

Austin asked Kristin if she wanted to hear his joke.

"Sure," said Kristin.

Austin told his joke: "Make me a sandwich".

All three of us laughed til tears came out of our eyes.

Jason said...

Well, only if the sandwich is without mayo.

Red said...

For that I bet she made him a "SPAMwich"
HEEE heee