Saturday, May 23, 2009

Adam Lambert Loses Because He is Gay?

I thought "the" American Idol was a person who was gifted with the set of lungs to belt out any song thrown at him/her. Obviously, it's one of those "whole package" deals. You gotta have looks, be "All American," conservative, yadda yadda. In other words....if you are not Greg or Marsha Brady, then you are not going to be America's next..........IDOL!

I remember when Bo Bice lost out to little Miss Carrie Underwood. Clay Aiken lost to Rueben Studdard. America wants Greg or Marsha Brady. It's being said that Adam Lambert lost because he appears to be He wears make-up, nail polish, and tends to be on the feminine side.

Adam, clearly had way more talent than Kris. America has come a long way by electing an African American president, but they are still not willing to in any way, shape,or form, accept "Gay America."

I'm not all for gay rights myself, but geez, this was a flat out, "YOU AIN'T GETTING IT CUZ YOU'RE GAY," thing. I'm not so sure if I can endure another season of watching and voting for the most talented singer anymore. After all, "Little Miss or Mr. Conservative" is going to win it EVERY SINGLE TIME.


Wildhair said...

Hey! I don't know if it's about his sexuality, but I do agree that America has a problem with different. I blogged about the Idol turnout with a different slant.
Kris supporters are still whining that Adam was pushed down the throats of viewers and received much more stage production than anyone else ... waaaaah waaaaaah.

Michelle said...

I think I have seen maybe 10 minutes total of American Idol. Thats because it went over and Fringe was coming on. I just dont like it. If I want to hear people sing badly I will tape record myself.

JL said...

The producers are probably furious that their pick (clearly, Adam) didn't win. It didn't matter that he got the loudest screams during the didn't matter that he was the better singer. Middle America didn't like his eyeliner, I guess. Kris was a safer choice for Sister Better Than You sitting comfortably in her recliner somewhere in the Midwest.
America loves the idea of "the majority" being right, but that isn't always the case. One need look no further than California's Prop. 8 for proof of that!