Thursday, May 14, 2009

When A Walmart Manager Become Uncaring in Their Job

These are pictures of some big frickin' pot holes that can be found at Walmart Store #179 on Sunshine in Springfield, Mo. If you know anything about concrete/asphalt you can see that these have been here a while. If I were the manager, they wouldn't have been able to form, let alone get this damn out of control. IF also know anything about cars, you can easily see that hitting these things run you the risk of fucking up your alignment. While the 2 holes in that picture look big, look at this fucking chasm:

You can bury a truck tire in this damn thing. If this hole was any bigger, it would be in Gary Busey's brain. And here I thought MY depression was big, this put things in proper perspective. I mean, how can you ignore something like this? Is the manager trying to sell these holes to Drew Peterson or something? He'll have some prime spots to put that new wife of his, here's a better view:

I am the Complaint Department Manager and I disapprove of this Geological disater.


Kim said...

Walmart does sell tires...hmmmmm.

Complaint Department Manager said...

Now if they only did alignments, I'd officially call this a conspiracy.