Friday, May 15, 2009

Hey Jack

Don't hold back, Man....I mean....Seriously, let us know how you really feel....But know, I agree with you and Kim on all of it.

And, although I am posting this really quickly as I prepare my own guest post, know I am not trying to Twiter, or is it Tweeter{?}, my way into existence.

But, really, it is people who bitch about local television stations cutting into some Mo-Ron's viewing of American Idol that really pisses me off!!! Life in Tornado Alley is freaking reality.

After all, it is my family and friends who are affected by these conditions, and they are not Lost!!

I am the olelongrooffan and I thank the CDM for the opportunity to post this blog.

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blog of the year said...

And who would that person be who was doing the bitchin'?

why it was the author of Springfield's Blog of the Year!