Friday, May 15, 2009

At Costco...

First of all...hi people. I know some of you know me, but for those who don't, I'm Kim. ;-)

Today I'm feeling the need to bitch about people who don't understand gas stations. How could someone not understand a gas station? Well, I was behind someone at the Costco gas station today, and the woman just didn't get it. She didn't know how to put her card in the machine, she didn't know how to pump the gas, and when she finally figured it all out and finished up, did she pull forward? NO SHE DID NOT. She went BACKWARDS, almost into me, then whipped around towards another pump and went forward, only to find that she could not fit around the car that was parked the, so she once again went BACKWARDS, and then forward past yet another gas pump, and then decided she couldn't get past that one, either, so she went BACKWARDS, all the way into the main parking lot.


Had she just pulled forward like a normal person, she only would have had to travel forward and then make a left. She would have then ended up in the same spot she landed in doing it the stupid way.

I could give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that her transmission was messed up, but then why would she have been getting gas? If there were the case she really should have just been waiting for a tow truck.



Andrew King said...

Costco is a great place to shop. Lately though they have been changing some of their produduct lines from Kirkland to other brands. Frozen fruits for example, I love making shakes and smoothies.

They are changing from Kirkland to organic fruit, which would be ok, except that you now pay more but only get half of what you were buying before. My economic situation does not allow for this sort of changes in prices.
There is a way to find out what the majority of the people would buy. Take the frozen fruit section and divide the shelves-top and bottom. Put the organic on the top shelf and the Kirkland brand on the bottom. I shop at Costco in Clovis CA

Anonymous said...

im an avid fan and shopper at costco. my only gripe is that the food sample stations clog up the isles with hungry shoppers who basically go there to eat for free. i go to shop .i often flee the isles that are blocked and those items i will not purchase. i feel that those vendors should be in the back of the warehouse for those free loaders and give way to the true shoppers. thx

Anonymous said...

I shope at Costco at least once a week and that may change. I am upsset because a mangager at costco told me I can't smoke my electronic cigarette in the store here on Kauai. It is not right to take the nicotine away for my shopping pleasure. I told the mgr that i was able to smoke it in the airplane and in the airport so why not in costco. He told me it was their right to have the policy. Does Costco make ppl who use patches for nicotine remove them?.. so not fair. There is no odor or health conserns for anyone around me when I use my electonic ciggarett so I feel very angry. I will not renew my membership again. I have been a customer since the store opened here on Kauai but that's over....