Wednesday, May 20, 2009

If this is the Complaint Department Then.....

I'm damned tired of people who have blogs and set GUIDELINES for the comments they receive. They often say, "It's MY blog and if you don't like my post, then stop coming here."

Basically they are really saying, "Comment the way I WANT you to comment, or don't come back to MY blog." Look, why put a post up for the world to read and then be a whiny cry baby when someone doesn't "buy into" your philosophy?"

People like this are CONTROL FREAKS.....and can kiss my ass. Don't post controversial things if you don't want controversial comments. THERE!


Michelle said...

I dont limit my comments. Anyone can comment what they want. I did put in the profile that of you dont like what I have to say then click the X. I think if you can dish it you should be able take it.

It's Me said...

I agree michelle!