Wednesday, January 30, 2008

10 Things I Hate About...Me.

Keeping the trend going, I thought it only fair to take a pot shot at myself.

1. As a child I had a copy of the first Star Wars comic book and I made a totally senseless trade with it.
2. I am susceptible to overeating. Example: A little over 15 years ago I scarfed down 24 pieces of pizza in 30 minutes, I have witnesses.
3. I sat through a Billy Ray Cyrus concert in its entirety. That cover of Led Zeppelin's "Rock n' Roll" really wasn't called for.
4. I quit college in '89 and didn't go back for 15 years.
5. I'm a shitty friend. I have great friends in Arkansas and Tennessee and I rarely call them. I was the Best Man for one of them (sorry Chris), man I suck.
6. I never seriously tried to pursue a music career, even just to get it out of my system.
7. I never should have started drinking. I had Dean Martin Syndrome, my favorite drink of all time was...the next one. Too many times I'd wake up with my liver and kidney calling me an asshole.
8. I get distracted way too easily
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I have A.D.D.
I like cheese.
9. What was I talking about? Oh, yeah.
10. And finally, I never should have moved to Arizona. That's all I want to say about that.

These have been a few complex thoughts from my simple mind.


Jack said...

I will gladly accept your donation of music for my future library and many thanks are given.

Email me:


Anonymous said...

Dean Martin syndrome....that's pretty funny!

complain away said...

OK, now that I've read your #2, I feel the need to share that I've been known to eat almost anything on a dare. About 8 years ago I ate a piece of a car tire. A big piece. I don't think it ever came out the other end. Not recommended.

Anonymous said...

I wrote a whole 10 list on things I hate about me and realized that the #2 and #3 were the ones that really bothered me. And I also realized that they were so personal I didn't want to share them in the comments section of a blog I found googling 'hate myself'.

Complaint Department Manager said...


Why not share? You are anonymous afterall.